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Friday, 23 October 2015

Fashion / Accessories - The Journey of Black Styling [Part II]

White boat-necked shift dress with layers, and pearls at side. I only tried the white
version for size - ultimately I got the black version. (SGD$179.00, One Raffles level 2)

Following my first post on The Journey of Black Styling (click here to read), where I discussed a few of my favorite outfits and why I love the color black; and the recent shopping entry at Fata, International Plaza (click here to read), I believe it is about time for another series of my recent black purchases and why I am attracted to them.

Unique dress - netted / translucent shoulder piece with a cast-off shrug, golden eyelets
and laces through the side of the dress (SGD$229.00, One Raffles level 2)

The shopping habits never changed. When I step into any fashion boutique or store, the first section that catches my eyes would be the black section. Sometimes, the eyes would rove over to the dark blue, dark maroon, dark gray etc items as well, but ultimately black is still the safety net.

Black Max-Mara dress - netted thick straps , gold button-down dress with linear details

And when I fall in love with a dress that I didn't buy, I can spend the entire night thinking about it, envisioning myself walking around in it, going to the office with it, going out on a date or event in it.... I can obsess over it literally. I have to own it, to don it, to have it in my (ever-growing) wardrobe. I could only concentrate on it, and what would happen if I didn't have it. In most cases, I take ownership eventually...

Black sleeveless dress with gold "locks" across the front area and a slit in front
 (SGD$199.00, One Raffles, level 2)

I love classic pieces that I can wear regardless of season - not that Singapore has any "seasons" to begin with); mostly pieces that do not go out of time or style, pieces that I can match with most accessories and shoes, and pieces that I can go any occasions in.

Rather long dress that reaches my mid-calves, with sharp-V hem and a high halter
neck. Love the white swirls too.

As for any particular materials or fabrics, I would say, none. I wear anything from silk to satin to cotton to chiffon to lace to linen - basically everything.Comfort is important because it brings out confidence when wearing the dress. I hate thin filmsy materials that push the unflattering bodyparts to the limelight, though. I think it is important we know our own bodyshapes well, and what type of style flatters and what conceals best.

Black and gray checked dress with frills at midriff, a high collar and a very low backless halter in
 back (Bebe, SGD$299.00 - or was it SGD$399?)

Price-wise, I am not brand conscious when it comes to my clothes. I can shop from boutiques in Orchard all the way to Bangkok's night markets. It does not necessarily mean that pricey clothes are better in quality or will make us look better; similarly, some wallet-friendly items can still look very good if carried off with good accessories and plenty of confidence.

My favorite Bysi number, in good condition for years (SGD$99.00)

Having said that, it also means that if I really like a piece of clothing, I am willing to splurge on it. I don't mean Chanel suits or Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, but anything up to SGD$399.00 is good for me. I don't find it extravagant because I am a fashion addict, and I take very good care of my clothes. I am still wearing dresses bought as far as 10 years back, and they are still in tip-top condition. That said, never toss your clothes into the washers!

Recently, I have been trying to change the style a little. Instead of wearing merely dresses, I have purchased some jumpsuits and pants as well.   Sadly, while I am able to break stride in the feminine ladylike style, I cannot stay away from the dark choices. Well, at least I buy my pants in different hues, so I am going to have a little fun with mix-and-match now!

That's it on fashion and my black journey.  Are you looking forward to the year-end sales and Christmas shopping? I am!

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