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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Singapore Night Festival 2015

The Singapore Night Festival takes place in Singapore on an annual basis, featuring arts, culture and revelry where there were spectacular performances and exhibitions from various academies and companies, including light installations etc to transform the Bras Basah-Bugis precinct into a beautiful work of arts.

The Singapore Night Festival 2015 took place over 2 weekends in August - 21 August (Fri) to 22 August (Sat) as well as 28 Aug (Fri) to 29 Aug (Sat), happening between 6.00pm all the way to 2.00am. Some of these events, such as The Sound Deck and Midnight Movies, stretched till 30 August (Sun).

There are exciting line-up of events and activities spanning across National Design Centre to Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts to Singapore Management University to Peranakan Museum to Singapore Arts Museum and National Museum of Singapore etc.  For details of the list of programmes and venues, this is the website: http://nightfest.sg.

Besides that, there are also some "eat and shop" markets / bazaars going on at some of the premises, so that festive-goers will not go hungry; and they can buy back some souveinirs or gifts.

*Charmaine and I started with the Pixels Wave 2015 by Miguel Chevalier (France) with Carrie K. and Depression (Singapore), at National Design Centre's atrium. Lots of pixellated images filled the grounds, shifting and changing often - bold, psychedelic and colorful patterns that are gorgeous but can also be dizzying.

Another hall featured a small array of different art forms - my personal favorite was this structure made from intricate paper-cut against black backdrop.

A retail shop within the National Design Centre featured very interesting stuff, from bags to clothes to this fascinating Booklet of Lights - when you close it up it is just another leather-bound volume; when you open it up, it is a fan of lights, bright enough to illuminate an entire room!  It retails at SGD$358.00, a little steep IMHO.

Upstairs, there were some uniquely Singaporean exhibits going on, commemorating SG50, and some period costumes.

We crossed over to the Singapore Arts Museum, where there were supposed to be more programmes going on, like the Instagram Booth etc.

The Alchemy by Starlight Academy was sadly, not as magnificent we had thought it would be - some flames ignited within the sandbox.

The Garden of Fire and Light by Starlight Academy was equally normal; though the stream of lights were electrifying.

We proceeded upstairs to see some artwork being featured at Singapore Arts Museum itself - including figurines and some cultural / historical displays.

The more fascinating ones I enjoyed lie herein - Afterlife. There were lifelike "corpses" sleeping in glass coffins and on hospital beds, looking so real; invoking a sense of fascination in an eerie fashion. One would expect them to leap up or open their eyes anytime.

We entered another realm with these dazzling sequined "bombs" suspending from the ceilings, catching the glints of harsh lights and sparkling charmingly with their reflections.

Our final, and most enjoyable spot was the National Museum of Singapore, where we listened to songs sung by the angelic voices for "Garden of Angels" performance by Belgium's Theater Tol.

The songs were beautiful, as were the vocals. The "angels" were real human beings being suspended in the air under the crown of lights - and they slowly made revealed themselves in the air as the performance went on.

These "angels" also tossed us different surprises - changing from white to blue, tossing tiny red "hearts" down, to spraying of "snowflakes" , confetti, flames,  feathers, etc. It was a brilliantly beautiful performance, and I'd love to watch it again.

A pity that we did not see the "Illuminate" display of glow-in-the-dark costumes at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). I also missed last weekend's "Embruns de Lune" by Cie Mastoc Production (France) at Armenian Church last weekend.

Overall, I enjoyed myself very much despite the crowd, loving the artistic vibes and creativity put into these stunning performances and displays. I will be back next year!

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