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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review: 3-Step Korean Hair Treatment @ The Comb Hair Studio [Sponsored]

12 Gemmill Lane, Singapore 069252
Tel: 6438 3138

The Comb Hair Studio is located along the fringes of the CBD area, set in a tranquil, clean-cut style with of woody beauty.   The founder Rina Kil and her partners believe in a "straight-to-the-point"  solution for their salon, and has their mission is "Do the right things for our clients, first time, everytime".

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun        10.00am to 8.00pm

I was honoured to be invited for a sponsored hair session by The Comb Hair Studio. Initially, I had selected to do rebonding, but then decided against it because the wedding photoshoot is next month (didn't want the hair to be too straight and thus difficult to style for the photoshoot) - hence I changed to a treatment and styling session instead.

The Comb Hair Studio has a wide range of services, including cut, trim, wash, styling, treatment, rebonding, colouring and perming etc.  Their prices are reasonable, having been turned down a notch, but quality and standard are in no way compromised.

When I got seated, with my naturally straight hair, I was offered beverages. A look at the menu immediately struck me that they served TWG teas, so I chose a Silver Moon tea.  This immediately reinforced the sophisticated taste of this Korean hair salon.  The French movies and European videos showing on the TV which I could watch from the mirrors, and the soothing music all added to the elegant ambience of this unassuming hair studio; one tends to feel relaxed immediately.

Then I was brought into the cozy Shampoo Room for a floral-scented shampoo session, being the first step of my hair treatment.  It was a long shampooing process, because there was a very comfortable and thorough head and scalp massage being executed.  The head felt lighter immediately afterwards.

My Senior Hairstylist Henry Yu took over. The friendly Henry also hailed from Shanghai and Seoul - they have a team of 6 hairstylists here from Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and China.  He began combing the treatment cream into my hair, explaining in detail about the 3-step hair treament I have chosen.

At The Comb Hair Studio, they use natural ingredients for their hair products. The first step (shampooing) was to open up the cells of the hair (if I understand correctly, because it was explained to me in Mandarin, so pardon my ignorance to words that go deeper than the usual conversational Mandarin).

The second step was like the tonic of the hair, letting the moisturizing elements penetrate into the hair to treat it.  The steamer was then lowered across my turbaned hair. This was an interesting steamer because while you could see the steamy smoke, the steamer had a good, even temperature all the while, not scorchingly hot - towards the end of the 10 minute steaming session, there was blasts of cool air.

Step 3 of the treatment was being applied onto my hair thereafter, also a hydrating step, but to lock in the goodness so that the effects of this treatment lasts for 2-3 weeks.   This part took about 15 minutes.

I learned from Henry that a good hair treatment does not leave the hair feeling slippery-smooth afterwards; and then loses its luster after shampooing the next day. Rather, a good treatment leaves the hair feeling softer but natural to the touch, and the effects of the treatment should last a good 10 to 15 days.

I entertained myself with magazines, the interesting French flick on TV and chatting with Henry.  He was very knowledgeable and it was enriching talking to him about haircare - so many myths were being set right.

He also shared that when choosing hues for the hair, go for the darker colours. The lighter colours (even without bleaching) "chases out" some of the errrr... again here my Mandarin fails me - filaments? - of the natural hair colours out, instead of coordinating to form new colours. Or something to that effect. Anyway, the gist is that I shall stick to darker colours when I do my next dye job.

After another trip to the Shampoo Room to wash off the residue of the treatment cream in my hair, my hair underwent a blow-dry session. Yes, it felt softer, rejuvanted and no longer limp. It also felt natural instead of sleek smooth, like the other treatments I went for.

The styling took place afterwards, giving my locks some nice waves / curls, so that I could head out for my National Day celebration next. The hair was springy, almost bouncy, and I couldn't help twirling the curls around my itchy fingers.

I left the salon about one hours, 15 minutes later, with great tresses to boost.  Thank you so much Henry! Thank you The Comb Hair Studio for the great pampering experience!

If you would like to try this great 3-step Hair Treatment, it starts from SGD$120.00 for short hair and SGD$180.00 for extra long hair.  They have another more intensive 5-step Hair Treatment starting at SGD$180.00 for short hair and SGD$280.00 for extra long tresses.

Call today to make an appointment, to enjoy the great services at a posh hair studio amidst tranquil settings, and walk away with wind in your hair!

p.s. update - I did the hair treatment nearly 5 days ago (on National Day). Today, my hair is still soft and smooth after every wash, and hair feels so much healthier.... truly amazing! The best hair treatment I have ever tried,  no joke.

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