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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

[Media Invite] Maki-San's 3rd Birthday Bash @ Katong I12

112 East Coast Road #B1-19 Katong I12, Singapore 428802
Tel: 9712 5119

I was honoured to receive an invite to celebrate Maki-San's 3rd anniversary at its 3rd (and newest) outlet at Katong I12, on 26 September (Wednesday).  A simple sushi bar that serves rolls and salads made with fresh, quality array of ingredients, it is no wonderment that Maki-San is favourable amongst our desire for healthier choices of food these days.  What is best is that you can also choose to customise your own sushi or salad, picking your very own ingredients from the wide variety available here.

*Charmaine and I attended together, and were given the cutest press kits ever - in the form of these CD-roms with customised Japanese paintings.  After registration, we introduced ourselves to the rest of the attendees and mingled.

There were candies made to resemble sushi rolls , and photobooths with props that we were encouraged to take photos for memoirs' sake.

There were also popcorn carts or for the more sophisticated - a caricature booth. This was a party in full swing, and we were thrilled to be here to indulge in these fun moments.

What we were most looking forward to doing, though, was the Sushi Making itinerary. Passing through the kitchen doors, we donned the aprons, washed our hands and put on the blue gloves. As the owners are very strict with hygiene, we were not allowed to touch our phones etc once we had the gloves on- a policy I agree very much with.

First, we arranged the rice and seaweed sheet (choose from brown or white) onto the Makisu (sushi mat), and selected the ingredients. Then we added the sauce and began the roll-and-press process to mould our sushi into tubes.  Finally, we placed the tubes of sushi into the cutter and it was neatly cut into smaller rolls.

It was fun, and we were given gorgeous sushi boxes to keep our handmade sushi rolls. We proceeded to the event site where we sat and tried the sushi we lovingly made.

This was *Charmaine's roll, made with white pearl rice, omelet, avocado, salmon sashimi, salmon roe etc, and tasted better than much.

Mine consisted of brown rice, crabmeat, asparagus, salmon roe, tangerine orange wedges and cranberries. Yes, an attempt at being healthy. It was huge so I only tried a couple of rolls - packed the rest back and the family members loved it.

Well, how could one not love it - when the ingredients were fresh and prepared in excellent standards!

As it Maki-San's 3rd birthday celebration, how could there not be a cake, right? Here comes this giant "Sushi Cake" made by Celebrate with Cake - what an adorable cake, this replicate of a giant sushi made of chocolate sponge and marshmallows!  We got to luxuriate in the rich flavours of this cake after the cake-cutting ceremony by the owners.

Finally, some gifts for the guests - patented non-slip mug, pretty notebook etc - they were spoiling us rotten with this marvellous experience.  Thank you Maki-San and congratulations on the milestones attained so far - may you continue to prosper!

Thank you too, Nicole Ann and Alchemy Partnership for the invite!

FYI in celebration, here's the promotion happening at Maki-San right now, as well as some collectibles you can buy as gifts or personal use. Drop by or visit their website (link at top of post) now.

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