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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Lunch at Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang @ Circular Road

13 Circular Road, Singapore 049369
Tel: 6536 5302
Website: None supplied

So, you enjoy a good plate of nasi padang, but are not sure of where to get your fix?  Well, let me share with you a place for utterly sumptuous nasi padang (Malay rice with dishes) - a place that I discovered during my very first job which was at Raffles Place. Ten years later, it is still around,  still upholding its standards with delectable dishes, a healty variety and friendly staff.

I decided to revisit, and to satiate my cravings for some of their dishes.   There are always long queues here, especially during lunch hours - even though it is Ramadan period now with many of their regular patrons fasting the day away, the restaurant is still packed with diners.

So, level one is non-airconditioned.  To dine in cool-comfort, make the climb up to level two, where seats are more comfortable and you can dine in air-conditioned settings.  I ordered their Bandung (rose syrup) drink but was told they don't have - I believe they removed it from the menu :(

Since there were three of us, I ordered their signature Tahu Telur - deep-fried tower of beancurd and egg. The exterior was very crackling smooth, almost flakey, topped with floss and carrot slivers. The interior was milky soft and satin-smooth. The entire dish tasted of a light sweetness that teased the palate gently; paired with the peanut sauce, it was incredible. My colleague finished all the gravy because it was so enjoyable!

For the Nasi Padang itself, there are many dishes to choose from - mainly spicy, and a good assortment of meats and vegetables.  My all-time favorites here consist of their Sambal Quail Eggs and Beef Lungs. I also love their Sambal Squid but they didn't have it today.    The beef lungs were spicy and crispy, like eating beef jerky.   One plate of rice here easily costs SGD$8.00 to SGD$10.00, a little on the pricey side, but the secret to their sustainability is really because the food quality and taste is so good.

Even as I am blogging about this, I am having cravings again, and yearn to return for their food. Go give it a try if you are in the vicinity - it is along the row of shophouses just behind Boat Quay.

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