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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Yogurt Review - Llaollao Frozen Yogurt

13 Stamford Road #B2-29 Capitol Building, Singapore 178905
Tel:   None supplied

The distinctive lime green signboard has been sparking long lines around Singapore lately, mainly in shopping malls (for now). Similarly, whenever we spot someone holding one of these signature long, lime green plastic spoons on the streets, we immediately know what they are eating, and realise that there is a LlaoLlao outlet in the nearby vicinity.

That said, Llaollao frozen yogurt hails from Spain, and is pronounced as "yow yow" - despite the fact that many people probably read it as "lao lao" given its spelling.  Being the yogurt fan that I am, I was never intrigued enough to join the queue for any kind of food, though. Hence, it took me so long to try my maiden Llaollao frozen yogurt, chosen rather timely at the newly-reopened Capitol Building with no queue.

The famous Llaollao frozen yogurt comes in 4 sizes, with prices starting from as low as SGD$2.50 for the small cup, sans toppings (without toppings). I settled for the Sanum (SGD$6.50), the tallest one that I see most people eating on the streets.

For the ingredients in a sanum cup, basically it's made up of natural yogurt. We get to choose two (2) types of "Crunches", three (3) kinds of fresh fruits, as well as one (1) topping of our desire.

For "Crunches", there are plenty to choose from - chocolate coated peanuts, dried crabnerries, Smarties, caramelized cookies etc.

For fresh fruits, there are strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, dragonfruits, grapes and rock melon cubes.

As for toppings, one may select from rum with raisins, mango sauce, white chocolate, black chocolate, wild strawberries sauce etc. Chocolate with froyo - can you imagine!

For my "Crunches", I went for black chocolate-coated peanuts and dried cranberries. Fruits-wise, I had watermelon, blueberries and strawberries. As for the topping, I dutifully selected black chocolate for it. I made payment and was actually excited to receive my Llaollao sanum cup.

Found a quiet spot near the fountain to devour this beautiful snow mountain. Well, the yogurt was not bad, soft and slightly sour in taste, well obliterated by the thick chocolate sauce anyway. While I enjoyed every mouthful of velvety, stark cold sweetness and crunches, I realised that its specialty lies in the fact that it is laden with lots of ingredients, period. Strip away all the toppings - it is no different from the other frozen yogurt.

Which reminds me - they also serve Yogurt Smoothies etc at Llaollao, for those who do not want to eat it as a dessert. I had this giant cup for lunch, and found it to be adequately filling.

See also reviews on Berrylite Yogurt (here) and Yoguru Yogurt (here) - will be posting good, old and reliable Yami Yogurt very soon.

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