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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

[Media Invite] Dinner at Xperience Restaurant & Bar @ Sofitel SO Hotel

35 Robinson Road, Lobby level, Sofitel SO Boutique Hotel, Singapore 068876
Tel:  6701 6800

After the High Tea session at this elegantly stylish hotel (review here) and drinks at the rooftop Hi-So Bar with its golden pool (review here), I was psyched to receive a food tasting invite at Xperience Restaurant & Bar here, so that I get to come back to this stunning structure in the heart of the CBD.

This was a media invite tasting session attended by representatives of Hungrygowhere and familiar faces such as IvanTeh_RunningMan, Chubbybotakkoala, Sihan (fundamentally_flawed) and hosted by the lovely Candice from Sofitel SO.

Xperience is a stylish and stunning gastro-bar dining haven complete with very cushy seats that allows its diners to immerse comfortably into their meals completely - figuratively and literally.

Tonight, Xperience introduces its latest menu - The Divine Fusion of French & Local Culinary Artistry, an original combination of East-meets-West concept boosting some interesting creations in this gastro-bar dining area. I really like the colourful menu that classified its food into categories such as "Silky", "Smoky", "Zesty", "Crispy", "Saucy", "Juicy" and "Spicy" according to taste and textures.

For this tasting session, there was a special menu comprising of 2 sets - we selected our desired set before the session commenced so when we arrived, I believe that our fresh ingredients were already being all set and ready to be used.

Image supplied by Candice / Sofitel SO

Image provided by Candice / Sofitel SO

It was a pity that Executive Chef Anne-Cecile Degenne was not available to work her magic, but nonetheless we were not to be disappointed.

The Bread Platter with butter graced the table first, I had a rather hard but crunchy piece of dark brown bread, soothed immediately by the fine-textured butter.

A glass of Reds was being served to those who chose the beef for their mains.

Image provided by Candice / Sofitel SO

My Entree was the Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Beluga Lentil and Hazelnuts. The buttery, wobbly slab of foie gras slid easily onto the tongue and melted luxuriously, filling the palate with its rich flavour tinged with a little smokey hint. The grainy lentil was chewy, making me feel like I was eating barley grains; its blandness was a good contrast to the foie gras' heavier one; and the roasted hazelnuts tossed amongst the grains gave a crunchy bite with every mouthful.

Then my Main was brougt to the table - Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Mushrooms, Asparagus and Condiments. The beef was juicy and tender, parting graciously with every touch of the blade, cushioning the teeth with every succulent bite. They served us two slices with different done-ness, medium and medium rare (we strongly believe); hence we could see and taste the differences distinctly.

Finally, just as I could wait no longer, they brought over my dessert of White Chocolate and Yuzu Cremeux - it was something that pulled at my gastronomical soul even as I read its name on the menu. A dessert that reminds me greatly of Christmas in appearance and taste, spoonfuls of luscious white chocolate accentuated beautifully by the slightly-tarty raspberries and light yuzu pudding.

The other set begins with Truffle Pao with Short Ribs Stuffing (buns), an evident fusion touch in these freshly-steamed buns, embracing the well-loved staple in most Chinese dimsum meals. The ribs stuffing was a mash of marinated ribs that sat beautifully against the aromatic, smooth gray buns.

Photo supplied by Candice /  Sofitel SO

The  Main is the Cauliflower & Muhsroom Texture, a dish that even the vegetarians may indulge in. I did not try this, but the feedback is that it is tasty.

Finally, the dessert - Banana with Passionfruit, simply. Imagine a crispy resemblence of (egg?) roll stuffed with creamy banana draped in citrusy passionfruit delight. The Gula Melaka ice-cream by the side was utterly refreshing, and this made for another sweet delight after my own heart.

Photo provided by Candice / Sofitel SO

Photo supplied by Candice / Sofitel SO
Okay, to celebrate the special Launch of this New Menu, Xperience Restaurant is offering 25% off the total a la carte food bill, available for weekday dinners and weekends only. This exclusive offer is valid from 22 May 2015 till 31 July 2015, so what are you waiting for? Come by for a revolutionary, epicurean journey now and lose yourself in the comfortable, stunning settings!

Photo provided by Candice / Sofitel SO

It was once again another tantalising dining experience at this posh restaurant adorned by glittery beauty at night and sweet serenade by day. Breakfast is served buffet-styled using the hotel's signature hexagon-shaped wares - the breakfasters must be really pampered here!

Thank you Candice and Sofitel SO for dishes that invigorates the senses and Hungrygowhere for the invite!

Photo supplied by Candice / Sofitel SO

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