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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Lunch at LeVel 33 @ MBFC [Revisit again]

8 Marina Boulevard #33-01 Marina Bay Financial Tower 1, Singapore 018981
Tel: 6834 3133

A year ago exactly in May 2014, *Sidney and I came here for lunch and discovered their amazing set lunch and salad buffet on the Ploughman's Table (read review here). A year ago, we are here again for *Sidney's birthday celebration, and the 8th year friendship - time flies.

Although there was a drizzle, the skies cleared up shortly thereafter so we got to enjoy the beguiling views of the cityscape. It was also comforting to know that the Ploughman's Table salad bar was still the same, because we came back specially for the caesar salad, rocket salad, pasta salad, smoked salmon, shrimps cocktail, desserts and grapefruit.

This time round, we settled for one Ploughman's Table buffet (SGD$28.00). I attacked the Prosciutto ham, Cocktail Shrimps, Smoked Salmon and salad. The salmon and shrimps were very springy and bouncy as I had expected, sweet in their freshness. The crisp greens made for a lovely starter as well. I had two servings of this.

We shared a Set Lunch (SGD$33.00) comprising of a main course, and anything from the salad bar. For this time round, we chose the Fish and Chips, something we'd been orgling at during the last visit because it was so beautiful and artistic, shaped into a graceful arc as though it were swimming in the air.

The fish was crispy on the outside; the flesh was luscious in flavour and smooth in texture; it was a huge slab but we got through it rather quickly because it was just delicious. The potato fingers were crackling on the exterior and contained mashed potato within - perfect for potato and wedges lovers.

Finally, time to attack the desserts section at the Ploughman's Table.  The grapefruit and water-melon were sweet and juicy.

The Chocolate Muffin and Chocolate Cake were luxurious in taste and scrumptious; the Carrot Cake did not leave much of an impression on me.  I really enjoyed the crusty but fluffy texture of the chocolate muffin, as well as the sticky indulgence of the chocolate cake.

It was another enjoyable lunch with a magnificent view, great ambience, impeccable service as well as really amazing food.  I came here last December as well (read review here) and can foresee myself back here again very soon.

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