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Monday, 29 June 2015

Dinner at 1933 Cafe Restaurant @ Capitol Galleria

15 Stamford Road #01-83, Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 3660

Out of all the new restaurants and cafes that opened up on Level 1 of Capitol Piazza, and my bucket list to visit the top 3 herein, well, just to say that 1933's turn wasn't supposed to have been up yet. But, through another beautiful mistake, I decided to venture into the elegant vintage cafe restaurant and got hooked enough to stay put.

The array of delectable-looking pastries in assortment of interesting flavours ought to have invoked familarity in me - that this was yet another creative, brilliant themed restaurant by the renowned Breadtalk group.

Anyway, *Charmaine and I decided to have dinner at 1933 Cafe, charmed by the nostalgic art-deco settings as well as friendly, warm hospitality of the service crew here.

Oh, and how I love the black-and-gold menu against pearl-white cool, marble table top. The inside of the menu was equally appealing, we took a while to decide on what to eat because everything seemed palatable. There were Thai salads to Vietnamese rolls, to curry chicken and miso cod; it was a lovely Asian-fusion selection.

I started with a Cappuccino (SGD$6.00) because I wanted to see the name of the restaurant engraved on my foam, taking me back in time. It was a Friday night but I needed the caffeine boost for late night work projects actually- but never did I expect my beautiful cup of coffee to jolt me awake simply with its tastiness - sweet, chocolately, foamy, aromatic, all tossed into one black mug to bring me happiness in the night.

We shared some Wings Today (SGD$8.90) - crispy chicken wings that were well-marinated, suitably moistened and tender. The special chilli sauce by the side added zing to the chicken wings; making this dish a good selection.

The Sawadee Greens (SGD$14.90) - seafood salad tossed with Thai dressings, made up of fresh plump shrimps, minced meat, cherry tomatoes, nuts and greens. The citrusy dressing (not due to the squeezing of the lime juice in) was both refreshing and a palate teaser, bringing the salad up to another level altogether. The freshness here was very distinctive, marking this to be yet another good selection by us.

Next, Nanyang Curry Chicken in a Bread Bowl (SGD$14.90), comprising of two of our favoritest things - thick, spicy curry with aromatic coconut notes, served piping hot in very crispy bread bowl. If you love bread with good curry, and if you love succulent, soft chicken meat in your curry - then this was probably created specially just for you.

Finally, we managed to squeeze in a slice of Pineapple Tart (SGD$8.90) with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. No, this is not your Chinese New Year pineapple tarts, but a slice of crusty tart filled with sweet pieces of pineapple fruits and a solid, fluffy centre.  I love this tart, love how the taut texture caved in upon contact with the teeth and melting into beautiful buttery pastry dust on the tongue - the effect was almost mesmerising.  Add tingle to the sensation with the ice-cream, and we are all set for perfection.

Well, other than the fact that the pineapple tart was being served before we finished our mains (without being informed), and we were seated next to a group of noisy people who sat with a bare foot sole facing me (gross, I know) - the dining experience and quality of food here was absolutely worth every single penny.

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