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Friday, 22 May 2015

[Media Invite] Ultimate Seafood Experience at The Kitchen Table @ W Hotel

Please note that from last weekend onwards, this special seafood feast has been extended to Sundays as well: :)

21 Ocean Way, Level 1, W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove. Singapore 098374
Tel: 6808 7268

I am back at the beguiling W Hotel @ Sentosa Cove, this time headed for The Kitchen Table for Seafood From the Heart buffet featuring Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita. This is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6.00pm to 11.30pm at SGD$85.00++ per adult.

This is also a media invite attended by representatives from Hungrygowhere and other media representatives / bloggers and graciously hosted by the lovely Geraldine and colleagues.

If one sits by the window, they would get the killer views of the waters, yachts and some pretty buildings looming ahead. However, do not overlook the beauty of the restaurant's interior decor itself - simple but elegant and clean-cut, with overturned tables and glasses suspending from the ceilings!

Even the table settings were not spared from beautiful tableware and glasses that gives one a very "in the sea" feel. Look at the interesting lemon water holder - artistically beheld; as well as the thoughtful gift of an ingredients mixer (also shaker) with a curry recipe within!

Random shot of the water jugs shaped like watering cans

The welcome cocktail was a mixture of Champagne and passionfruit, containing a piece of fish-shaped jelly which was speared through by the straw. The aesthetics was a bonus to the delicious and refreshing thirst-quencher.

Before we dug in, we were invited to the Banquet Kitchen (they have 3 kitchens in all) for an up, close and personal live demo session with Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita, as he and Lawrence (or Laurence) prepared a delectable-looking curry fish dish from scratch.   I actually took about 3 videos but the files were too huge to be uploaded :(

Anyway, the huge kitchen was very well-kept and sparkling clean. During the cooking demo session, Peter introduced the different spices that go into preparing an authentic, good curry and shared a lot of tips with us. We watched them turn the slab of raw fish into a golden crispiness, and an assortment of unique-odored spices into an aromatic curry gravy. The end result was fabulous; it made us famished.

Hence, time to attack the various buffet stations back at the restaurant area.  There are many stations serving different types of cuisine and food, centred around seafood dishes. 6 of these stations have chefs preparing food on the spot - such as create-your-own pasta, soup station, etc.  The desserts section kept beckong to me throughout the evening hmmmm.....

I started with some seafood as usual - some very juicy and delicious Oysters made my day, as well as thick, springy pieces of Sashimi!

Then there was the Chef's Special of Cocktail Shrimps with a really yummy gravy- love the plump and succulent prawns!

Next, the Prawn Mousse Roll that was a special mention by the Chef himself during the demostration session as well.

Following that was another must-try, because we had been tempted during the live demo earlier - food from the Indian station. I had a little basmatic rice, my favorite Papadum chip, some Curry Snapper and Tandoori Chicken. The Curry Snapper was aromatic and flavourful without being too spicy. The Tandoori Chicken was utterly tender and smooth, much to my surprise; and boosting of a distinctive smokey hint to its sweet flavour.

Finally, time to respond in kind to the colourful desserts and a hot tea (I squeezed lemon juice into it).

There were many different flavours of Maracons, soft but not cloyingly sweet or creamy. There were also Chocolate Panna Cotta (tasted too milky it was more like Milo unfortunately), Lychee Pudding, a pretty little Cupcake etc.

We also had another Chef's Specials for dessert - made with ground coconut and pineapple, wrapped in pancakes and served with ice-cream on the side. It was sticky and lovely, just sweet enough to sweeten the night ahead.

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience here at The Kitchen Table, though I felt that for the price, there should be more variety of food. Other than that, quality, ambience and service were definitely superior. Join the Starwood Group Membership and receive 15% off your bills on the spot :)

This sums up another excellent dining experience - thank you The Kitchen Table for the impeccable reception and recommendations; and thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite.

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