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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lunch at Gayatri Indian Restaurant @ Telok Ayer

212 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 069645
Tel: 6225 4221

Today, it is time for some nice Indian food for lunch once again, as I went catching up with some ex-colleagues / friends. The selected venue is Gayatri Restaurant, partially because I dined at its Race Course Road outlet before, and enjoyed the meal thoroughly (read review here).

They are famous for their fish head curry, but this outlet is of a casual setting, without air-conditioning, hence we deemed it unbefitting for curry in this killer weather.  We kickstarted with some cooling, refreshing, citrusy Lime Juice (SGD$2.50 each).

Next, the Naan (oven-baked flatbread), where we ordered 3 different flavors to try. The Plain Naan (SGD$2.50) tasted good enough on its own or as a complement to the meat; whereas the Butter Naan (SGD$3.00) and Garlic Naan (SGD$3.00) had tasty flavors of their own. All the naan were soft and chewy, with a delightful grainy texture amidst the smoothness.

We also had the Mutton Vindaloo (SGD$5.50), basically a curry mutton dish, with thick spicy gravy and succulent mutton meat. There was no gamey taste to the meat at all, and it basked tastily in the aroma of the curry flavor.

There was also the Butter Chicken (SGD$6.00) which I remembered was a delicacy when I ate it twice at the other outlet. Indeed, the luscious buttery fragrance was retained here in the gravy as well as penetrating the tender chicken in a satisfying manner.

Finally, some plump, bouncy Prawn Masala (SGD$6.50) simply because we saw these large prawns. The masala spice concoction was not spicy, but gave the dish a burst of heavier flavors, complementing the sweetness of the prawns very well.

It was a hearty lunch at Gayatri's once again, despite the hot weather and lack of atmosphere.

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