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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lunch at 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro (八度空间) at Serangoon

37 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545734
Tel: 6284 8226

Lunch was enjoyed at 8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro today, a small Taiwanese bistro restaurant located at a row of shophouses along Serangoon area itself. It was lunch hour but the place was not crowded, so it made for perfect catching up.

Interestingly, this Taiwanese street-food cuisine restaurant is named after one of Jay Chou's album, and was heavily-themed with his photos - now they have toned down on the usage of his images around the bistro. Though, there are still some pretty interesting decorations around, such as the guitar, etc. There is also a band-stand so I wonder if there might be live band performances in the evenings?

Anyway, we looked through the rather extensive menu, and 4 of us ordered some items for sharing. The food items are very affordable by the way.

We had a round of Bubble Teas first, of course - the 8 Degree Bubble Tea (SGD$3.80) and 8 Degree Grass Jelly Milk Tea (SGD$4.80) were very lovely to my surprise - not too sweet with infusion of real tea taste, and the texture was very smooth and light.

For mains, 3 of them had a Stewed Pork Belly Rice (SGD$3.80 each), or more commonly known as "lu rou fan".  The portion was just nice, and they enjoyed their rice.

I had a Century Egg Porridge (SGD$3.80) which was cooked congee-style, with a gentle taste and lots of century egg cubes in the velvety concoction.

For sides, we started with a Salted Crispy Chicken (SGD$6.80), done rather nicely with a crispy exterior. It was not very salty despite it's name, making for a nice chewy bite after the teeth gets through the crispy skin.

We also shared a Century Egg Tofu with Pork Floss (SGD$5.80), soft, silky beancurd that disintegrated readily in the mouth.

Next, my favorite Golden Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Ball (SGD$14.80) with a light, crumbly batter coating the juicy prawns. The combination of salted egg yolk against the prawns was brilliant - a grainy (or sandy) texture that slowly gave way to the luscious buoyancy of the flesh within. I could have eaten the entire plate of this on my own!

Finally, the Shaved Ice with Red Bean, which also came with attap seeds. It was the shaved ice version of our local "ice kacang" I believe, tasting similar in flavor and ingredients, except the ice in this case was a lot smoother.

Overall, the taste and portion of the food here more impressive than I had expected (definitely above average, especially in comparison to many other Taiwanese bistros around town), and 4 of us spent a mere SGD$51.80 for a satisfying lunch with quite a few items.

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