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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Lancome Party at BHG Bugis

Following the Lancome Christmas in Wonderland event in December (read review here), I was rather excited for another Lancome event, especially when this one promises a 15% discount off products and an additional SGD$10.00 voucher. It was time to top up some of my Lancome skincare products anyway.

230 Victoria Street, Level 1 Makeup Hall, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188024
Tel: 6338 6380

So, the event commenced at 7.15pm, but some of us registered earlier. A sticker bearing the signature Lancome rose was affixed to our hand, and we were given a small bottle of Evian as well as a Red Velvet cupcake from Twelve Cupcake.  I love Twelve Cupcake, fine-textured and great-flavoured besides looking so pretty always.

Some of us walked around checking out Lancome's products, spotting potential purchases for later; others gathered around the makeup desk waiting for the party to kickstart with national makeup artist Lina Tock working her magic, demonstrating how to have younger-looking skin.  That's Lina Tock in the photo above with the model of the evening (no offense, but we seriously thought that they could have easily found a better-looking model for this demonstration - Lina herself looked so much better).

Anyway, the first step of the younger-skin routine began with Lancome Genefique Youth-activating serum, which Lina applied to the model's face by gently patting it on and then lightly massaging it in. This was supposed to soften, smoothen and moisturize the skin.

Next, it was followed by the Lancome Genefique Eye Light-Pearl Illuminating Youth-activating Concentrate. Lina showed that the correct way to apply this was to do it in small circular motions around the lower eye area, using the "pearl" on the applicator to do so, then lightly sweep up with fingers. Pressing the pearl-tip against the upper inner eye corner also helps to open up the eyes.  There was a cooling sensation to this concentrate, and the Lancome representatives went around to let us have a feel on the hands as well.

Then, Lina used Lancome Genefique Youth-activating Eye Cream on top of the concentrate, to further protect, hydrate and firm the eyes area.

The next step was Lancome UV Expert BB Complete - consists of properties that help to shield, correct and unify, with its high SPF 50 protection. This may be used as a makeup base as well.

Finally, the skincare routines were completed, and it was time to move on to makeup application. The first step here was the Lancome Miracle Cushion Foundation, which was easy to apply and could be brought out for touchup anytime. Lina used a brush to apply, for a more natural effect, and she says to always start applying from the inside of the face (not from outside in, if not there would be a mask-like effect).

The finishing touch was loose powder was up next, to complete the look.

Following that, it was time for the Lancome Grandiose Mascara, another beautifully product that comes with a curved wand for more accurate application to enhance and lift the lashes. It was amazing - we watched the model's already-long lashes being extended threefold in terms of length and thickness, and it stayed up.

Finally, some colours were added to the model's lips with Lancome's lipsticks. Two different shades were being used here, seemingly the trend of late - to blend a darker and lighter colour. Lina also used a lip brush to define the shape of the model's lips.

The Blush went on next, a gently tint to give a healthy glow and youthful looks, nothing that is set too hard or definitive. Lina emphasized on working on the apples of the cheeks here.

Lina also dabbed on some Hightlighter to the "C" outer areas of the eyes, as well as the T-zones so that it gives a 3-D effect when photographs are taken, and it sharpens the coutours of the face. The model was finally transformed - prettier, but nothing dramatic or overly made-up.

A dash of Lancome La Nuit Tresor between the wrists completed the entire session. This perfume is one of Lancome's latest, with notes of raspberries and all things alluring. On top of it, the bottle is incredibly beautiful as well - mysterious and seductive with a soulful depth.

Time for shopping and getting up close and personal with Lina Tock. But before that, the registered attendees got to receive a lovely door gift set comprising of precious samples for Genefique serum, eye cream, sunblock and La Nuit Tresor miniature perfume.

Disappointingly, when I was about to go pay for my Lancome Genefique Eye Cream (SGD$90.00) and Lancome Teint Visionnaire foundation, then they informed that for every SGD$100.00 spent, we would get the SGD$10.00 voucher. On top of that, the 15% discount was for offsetting next purchase, not for this event itself.

Well, thanks for the makeup tips, Lancome!

In comparison, the Guerlain event I attended a while back was so much more exciting - manicure, caricature, lots of Champagne, and extremely personable makeup artist Jose. No wonder everyone shopped like crazy after the event. Read review here.

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