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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Dinner at Catalunya Spanish Restaurant (Revisit)

82 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Pavilion, Singapore 049327
Tel: 6534 0188

Catalunya is a contemporary Spanish restaurant situated along Fullerton heritage, with an exotic, exquisite interior and the iconic orange-canopied lounge area. I visited it once before (read my review here), and the impression is still deep even though it has been about 2 years since the last visit.

Tonight's catching up dinner with *Cheyene was arranged at Catalunya again.  I was glad for the chance to reminisce and be refreshed again on the good service, splendid settings and vivacious views outside the glass windows.

We started the meal with tapas - appetisers, basically. The first one was Estrellados Con Chorizo (SGD$18.00) -  scrambled eggs on a bed of potatoes and chorizo (cured pork sausages) slices. The sausage was very salty, but balanced beautifully with the soft potato cubes and scrambled eggs. This feels very much like a breakfast / brunch item to me.

Next, we had the Cod Fritters (SGD$20.00) , 4 bite-sized pieces of this favorite Calatan bites. Sadly, it wasn't crispy as expected, and the interior was kind of mushy instead of the sweet, loose texture of cod fish.

The final tapas was has was the Suckling Pig Tapa (SGD$22.00) - the 2-bites version of Catalunya's famous suckling pig. The skin crackled deliciously beneath our teeth and the meat was light, succulent. It was undeniably delicious.

Time for the mains. *Cheyene went with the Beef Ribeye (SGD$98.00) at 400grams and an enormous portion at that! Easy on the blade and easy on the teeth, this juicy slab of beef was nothing short of tender. It wobbled ever so slightly in its medium-doneness, and tasted very good.

I ordered the Lobster Rice (SGD$80.00) again, luxuriating it its flavorsome simplicity. It was simply just that - paella rice cooked with grilled lobster. The chewy rice itself was infused richly with lobster broth, and the grilled lobster was saccharine in its freshness. Best of all, there was plenty of the tender, smooth lobster roe which enhanced the meal another level altogether.

Too full for desserts, we settled for drinks to end the meal with.

*Cheyene had a hot Peppermint Tea (SGD$8.00) since she was on the recovery stage of a bad flu / cough. It came in a very pretty holder that reminded me of a vintage oil lamp holder.

I decided on a glass of Cabernet Merlot (SGD$18.00) which was suitable for this cool evening, magnificent view and an early nightcap.

It was another beautiful dining experience here once again, and I look forward to be back again soon.

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