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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Review of Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundation

The Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Whitening Fluid Foundation was recommended to me by the ladies at the Chanel counter at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore. I tried and tested on a couple of ranges before agreeing that this one looked better on me, hence got the 30ml liquid foundation at
SGD$80.00 in Shade 20 (Beige).

This special, lightweight foundation makes use of pearl protein extract to create perfection and translucency to correct dark spots and even out skin tone. The use of mineral ceramic pigments, liquorice extract adds on to the benefits of this foundation, such as creating luminousity and boosting moisturisation of skin.

Chanel Research believes that skin is stressed by ultraviolet rays, harsh environment conditions and internal imbalances which cause dark spots. To counter this problem, an active ingredient TXC Molecule is created so that it regulates and normalises melanin production in the skin, balancing it to give a healthy complexion. When you mix scientific breakthrough with beauty,  how could one not love the product?

Upon application of this silky liquid foundation, it goes onto the skin flawlessly and is absorbed very quickly, evening out the skin and giving it a light-like radiance even hours after application. Coverage is medium to high, which makes this liquid foundation suitable for different occasions. It comes with SPF 30 as well.

I am glad that I bought this product, because it is really easy to use and complements my skin well. It was also through the purchase of this product that I got to try the other Chanel foundation in this range - the Le Blanc Compact. Read review here.

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