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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Drinks at The Post Bar @ The Fullerton Hotel

1 Fullerton Square, Lobby Level (Groundfloor), Singapore 049178
Tel:  6877 8135

Been wanting to visit this place for a while, and I finally got to do so on the last night of March 2015.  The Post Bar speaks volumes when it comes to conveying the history of The Fullerton Hotel - a posh place converted from the building of the old general post office.

The settings are sleek, chic and classy in their modern honey onyx tones and standing artichoke cardboard lamps. The motif walls and coffered ceilings are retained from the original days of when this place was used as the post office - and of course, the most obvious feature would be the red post box greeting customers at the front of the lounge (see first photo in this blog entry) - and this postbox is STILL in operation, mind you.

Besides the sophisticated ambience and polite service, they have a really awesome band. I forgot to ask for their name and charges - but the male singer had a very smooth and soothing voice - completely moving me when they did Lionel Richie's "Hello".

Okay, so it was the Bro, the SIL and I for drinks chilling out for the night. studying the extensive menu and debating what to have.

The SIL started with a Mai Tai (SGD$19.00), a large bowl-glass of cocktail sweetened by pineapple.  It was certainly a very refreshing drink, and they were generous with the alcohol.

The Bro had a glass of Faively Pinot Noir (SGD$19.00), a smooth but light-bodied wine with a saccharine overture.

I began my thirst quenching with a Classic Mojito (SGD$22.00) - they also have the strawberry or raspberry flavored ones. There was a good balance of mint and lime amongst the rum, though I would have loved the mint to be stronger. They were also very generous with the rum here.

For round 2, the SIL chose a Rusty Nails - a no-nonsense, no-fuss concoction of (alot of) Whiskey and Drambui - too strong for my liking (I don't like Whiskey).

The Bro ordered a Lychee Sling - a vintage cocktail with a fruity twist, concocted by their dedicated mixologists. They actually have many different and unique flavors of Sling other than the classic Singapore Sling - such as Almond, Hazelnut, Vanilla etc. The drink was a little too sweet, like mocktails, with slight hints of alcohol in this case.

For me, I ended the evening with a Raspberry Daiquiri - dashes of raspberry juice with tequila and Triple Sec, strong enough for my liking but sweetened by the dash of raspberry.  I enjoyed this drink  as well.

It was a lovely place, and actually the bar snacks (cooked food) smelt really good - next time I might pop by earlier on emptier stomaches to give the grub a try.

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