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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dinner at Osahime Sushi Bar & Restaurant

50 Market Street #01-25 / 26 Golden Shoe Market, Singapore 048940
Tel: 6227 0331

It was the week I was scheduled to have at least one Japanese meal a day, making me a very happy person. Tonight’s venue was Osahime Sushi Bar and Restaurant.

It is one of those restaurants that I always passed by but never stepped in till tonight, suggested by *Edwin.  So, dinner comprised of him, and a long-lost buddy *Chris.   While the daytime crowd was overwhelming, the nighttime crowd was pathetic, with barely more than 5 tables occupied at any point in time.

They used to serve a good ala carte buffet for dinner, which was why we had gathered here, but it turned out that their website has not been updated for a while. Since we were here, we decided to just stick with the place.

Between choosing a bento set each and ordering different items for sharing, we went for the latter. Mercifully,  all three of us are Jap-food lovers and we eat almost everything, so it was easy when it came to ordering.

The first item that was served was the Enoki (golden mushroom) that was cooked in a very rich broth that had a buttery flavor with a slight hint of garlic. The mushroom was cooked soft but still chewy; and drenched in the gravy it was squishy the moment the teeth clamped down on it, so it was a splendid starter.

The next starter was Buta Kakuni (pork belly) – the fatty layers were buoyant in a delicious way, melting readily upon contact with the palate; the flesh was utterly tender in texture. When eaten together, the combination of the two different textures came together in a lovely gastro-symphony that lingered in the mind long after the dish has been devoured.

Soft Shell Crab tempura – deep fried battered crab – was up next. Fresh crab and light batter always make a difference to this dish, and the soft shell crab tempura here definitely possessed these two qualities. Every bite was light and crisp, a delight to be had.

Following that, the Deluxe Sashimi Platter (SGD$100.00) that was being served on a tray shaped like a boat, comprising of salmon sashimi, tuna belly sashimi, shrimp sashimi, swordfish sashimi etc. The sashimi slices were all thick and bouncy, showing off their freshness and relying on their natural freshness for flavor.  This was incredibly good, especially the shrimp that dissolved in the mouth seductively.

Fish Head came next, a very sizable one at that!  As expected, the cheeks area were utterly tender and smooth, sailing through the palate like a dream. The fish was fresh and sweet of fish's natural flavor; the flesh was abundant amidst the large pieces of bones which was rather surprising.

Finally, a Teriyaki Chicken dish, where the skin still bears the very hint of crisp and chicken meat is fine and succulent. The sauce was superb, infusing into the meat deliciously, making this the perfect finale for the meal.

There was also free-flow of Japanese Green Tea and my Umeshu (SGD$8.00) that accompanied us throughout lovely dinner and catching up session.

The total bill for three of us was a mere SGD$177.00, because there is a 20% discount for dinner here. It is very reasonable, bearing in mind that our sashimi platter alone already cost SGD$100.00, and I had 2 Umeshu drinks.   I would definitely love to come back here to eat, especially when it is so serene at night and my workplace is in the vicinity.

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