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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Blackforest Cake at Hanis Cafe & Bakery

100 Victoria Street #01-01 National Library Building, Singapore 188064
Tel: 6333 0377

Hanis Cafe & Bakery, the sister of Han's Cafe, a casual dining concept well known over the years for its Asian and Western dishes.  I decided to write about them today because I want to rave about their blackforest cake.

Being a lover of blackforest cakes, it is not easy to find the "authentically-flavored", childhood type blackforest cake in local context - fluffy and full of whipped cream, with dark cherries within the cake layers.  If there is one thing Hanis / Hans is consistent about, it is the Blackforest Cake (SGD$4.20), something I would always order when I am at Hans. 

Yeah, eat your heart out, but I have always enjoyed their blackforest cake - very affordable and retaining the originality of my childhood memories. You know, those blackforest cakes sold at your estate bakeries, the kind your parents would order and collect three days later or buy over the counter? 

The blackforest cake here tastes like that exactly - spongy and fluffy in its thick chocolatey layers,  loaded sinfully with loads of cream on top and in between layers, filled with juicy tarty black cherries, topped with chocolate shavings and bright red maraschino cherries.   I could probably eat the entire cake (the small one) but I know I won't. 

Ok, here is a Cuppaccino to wash down the sweet creaminess of my tea time dessert.

The other blackforest cake I absolutely love is at Stuttgart Boutique S Cafe (review here) - well textured, richly creamed, generous infusion of juicy cherries and best of all, it contains dashes of alcohol to make it a very authentic slice of blackforest cake.

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