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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Review on Lancome's La Base Pro Pore Eraser (base / primer)

I received a sample for Lancome's La Base PRO Pore Eraser, which is both a pore minimiser as well as a makeup base / primer. This sample was a godsend from the Lancome counter, during my last purchase of another product. It is 5ml and comes with a really pretty pearl-white tube as well as silver box.

This pore eraser is oil-free, has a mattifying effect upon application, and is suitable for sensitive skin.  It is lightweight as well as light-reflecting, leaving skin feeling velvety the entire day. It claims to give an airbrushed, poreless look by applying just a pea-sized amount.

At retail counters in Singapore, the full-sized product at 20ml would cost SGD$68.00.  Anyway, I have used it on my face and yes, it feels and looks exactly as described in reviews and product description-  it shrinks pores dramatically, seeming to close up all the pores on the face. It feels incredibly velvety smooth as well, blending well with makeup and staying on for at least 8 hours.

In this demonstration, you can feel free to check my porous (back of) the hand out.

So, I squeeze a little bit of the precious pore eraser cream / gel onto my fingers out. The product glides on to the skin easily.

After rubbing it gently over the back of both hands, ensuring to spread it evenly, this is the result.  You can compare the effect against the 3rd photo in this post (as above), or note the amazing contrast between the back of my hand and the wrist area. The skin on the back of hand looks smoother, brighter and the pores have nearly been "sealed" over, leaving smooth satiny lovely, ready for foundation to glide on beautifully.

My sample is nearly finished, hence I will definitely purchase this pore eraser for daily use.

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