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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

[Media Invite] Dinner at Lime Restaurant @ Parkroyal Pickering (Revisit)

3 Upper Pickering Street, Level One, Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore 058289
Tel: 6809 8899

Pricing:  Lunch Mondays to Fridays  SGD$48.00 (adults)
                Lunch Saturdays                  SGD$52.00 (adults)
                Dinner Mondays to Fridays SGD$62.00 (adults)
                Dinner Saturdays                 SGD$68.00 (adults)
                Brunch Sundays                   SGD$98.00 (adults) OR SGD$138.00 (free-flow champagne)

I am no stranger to Lime Restaurant at this new, posh hotel right in the heart of the CBD area. But it does not mean that I won't say yes when opportunity arises again for me to dine here once again (and again). Read my previous reviews here and here.

Anyway, the previous two times, I was here for chilling out and brunch, therefore I was thrilled that I was coming back for dinner with Hungrygowhere. Our hosts for the evening were Mr. Lee Kin Seng  and Ms Rebecca Ting, representing the hotel itself.

Their weekday buffet dinner consists of Southeast Asian and International cuisine, and this time round it seems there are more variety. A cool, refreshing glass of Lime Juice (duh, the name!!) was waiting for me when I got to the table - a perfect welcome.

Upon entering the grand foyer, we passed by the Desserts stations - filled with a rather wide variety of cakes, tarts, creme brulee, and fruits.

Then there was the Peranakan section, featuring a variety of traditional Peranakan dishes and desserts (kuehs). Led by Peranakan Chef Nancy Teo, it is no wonder that the focus on Peranakan cuisine is strong, "strait" from the open kitchen itself.

Next up, some Salads and Bread Rolls counter. I heard that the bread weren't fantastic but LIME has one of the best butter amongst the restaurants.

There were also chicken, lamb , pork and beef cooked in various states, as well as a Pasta section. The chef prepares your pasta for you on the spot, how's that? The aroma of chilli (I assume someone wanted an aglio olio) wafted wonderfully to my nostrils as I passed this counter.

And of course, the mandatory Seafood and Japanese food sections that I knew would  be my starting point.

The seafood items were rather fresh and I enjoyed the succulent slices of assorted Sashimi as well.

I also enjoyed the Seafood Pie Tees that were utterly crispy on the exterior and generously filled with shrimps (and scallops?) within.

A glass of my favorite Mojito made the hearty meal even lovelier.

The friendly chef came over with a famous Kuala Lumpur dish aka the specials of the day - Kam Heong Crabs (translates literally from Cantonese to mean "golden fragrance").  It was special because it was prepared with chilli and dried shrimps, and garnished with fresh curry leaves plucked from the rooftop garden of the hotel itself. Hence, the usual sweetness of the crab meat was now donned with the delicious spiciness of curry flavor.

Then I moved on to some fresh greens, chicken cooked in gravy as well as Smoked Duck Breast. The latter was incredibly tasty, with a chewy, bouncy texture that gave way to tenderness once safely in the mouth.

Finally, time for some desserts. The Creme Brulee was quite all right - crisp sugared top with golden-custard underneath. The mini Chocolate Tart was rich in flavor and ganache but my favorite was the Passion Fruit Chocolate Tart, for obvious reasons (simply they were delicious).

A smooth glass of Merlot completed the evening. For the value and variety, I verily believe that it is value for money to dine here. The ambience is splendid, so was the service. Some of us were already making plans to come back soon to try their Brunch Buffet!

This gift (eco-friendly stationery set) was distributed to us at the end of the evening as well, in line with the hotel's "natural" and  "green" concept.

Thank you Lime Restaurant for the invite, and it was a great pleasure have the representatives of the hotel enjoying this sumptuous meal with us, helping us understand the dishes and concept better. Thank you Hungrygowhere for the invite as well.

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