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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Farewell, Founding Father of the Little Red Dot

Singapore has formed a human chain,
Looped around where you now lay far too still,
Braving the weather rain or shine, or giving up sleep,
Muttering not a word of complaint,
As we walk towards you, baby steps towards you,
With only our respect, time and tears to spare.

Can you see the unity of your people in this picture,
The people that you took great care of -
Men and women with white hair and toothy grins,
Young and old regardless of race - 
Joined by people of the globe, in awe,
Edging towards your force - so strong even in death.

You portray a stern and hard facade to the public -
Even ruthless, heartless, even Machiavellian,
Yet your people digress, painting the softer side
Of you, as a great leader, patient and friend;
Yet the love you have shown for your family
And wife, greatly moves us in silence.

A mystery - that is what you are -
Firm in certain values, yet keeping an open mind;
Like the father whose care runs deeper than words,
Like the builder who explored unchartered territories-
Opening up possibilities for a muddy piece of land,
Now cemented firmly in prosperity's paths.

And your name, your name is Light and Glory,
High standards to live up to - but you attained,
By leading a country so poor and polluted (corrupt)
To where peace, prosperity and potential await;
The men who fought alongside with you -
Were never un-mentioned, though some may have left.

Possesive, were you, guarding the nation protectively-
As if it were your very own - but it indeed is yours,
This tiny red dot we have come to call our own,
Built and crafted by your lifetime of brilliance,
Sweat, efforts, energies and concerns,
Even in sickness your thoughts were never on yourself.

Haters may hate your guts, liars may deny you credit,
Hardening your heart to rid all that post threats;
The dirt and pain of politics are lined in gray, raining
Upon you but you shouldered all of them,
With only one goal in mind - bringing Singapore up,
Developing and grooming it was all that mattered.

Now as you go gently into the good night, Sir,
Thank you for your dedication and diligence;
Though we may never again see your familiar face,
In live recordings of parliament meets or NDP,
You have left your marks in all that we dwell upon,
The inspirations, the legacy, that comfort you planted.
copyright © thearcticstar 2015. 

Singaporeans - and many foreigners, for that matter, have not uttered a word of complaint as the queue continues to form day after day, hour after hour, and inspite of the weather conditions.  This is contrary to the accusations that we are a complaining lot.

For that matter, there are / were many volunteers who have generously offered their monetary resources, time and energies to give out refreshments, meals, drinks, umbrellas etc to those who took pains to stay in the hours of queue - which contravenes the accusations of us being "selfish".

These are your people, Sir LKY - the ones you have watched over in life. Whether you may choose to continue watching over us in spirit now, we know not - and we are saddened by the loss of you - but rest in peace, rest well in the arms of your beloved wife Mrs Lee, if you will.

Deepest condolences to the family of Sir Lee as well - take good care of yourself so you may be able to take good care of your (father's) people....

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