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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dinner at Bistro Gardenasia @ Nyee Phoe Gardens (revisit)

240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Nyee Phoe Garden, Singapore 718898
Tel: 6898 9111
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Gardenasia

The Beau and I decided to revisit Bistro @ Gardenasia, at Nyee Phoe Gardens so we could dine in a beautiful setting and try other items that we did not, during our last visit here.

Note that the hut-like bistro restaurant itself is not by any way luxuriant on its own - but its simplicity is very much enhanced by its surroundings and the lightings, making the entire place almost enchanting.

It was a calm, serene and gorgeous night as usual, all the reflections of the waters and mist in the air. We placed orders and waited for food to be served - unfortunately it rained that night, killing some of the scenic beauty thereafter.

Our drinks came first. I had a glass of Red Wine (SGD$10.00), and ordered another one halfway throughout the meal.

The Beau had an Iced Mocha (SGD$4.00) which tasted rather all right - not too strong, and hold bittersweet tones.

We shared a Finger Food Platter (SGD$20.00)  which was alot more humongous than we had expected. We had chosen Calamari Rings, Deep Fried Prawns (ebi) and Popcorn Chicken from the list of nibbles. The calamari rings were chewy and nice in the sense that it sotong flesh was abundant without the thick flour crusting. The deep-fried prawns were crispy as well as the popcorn chicken - both items of which are my favorites.

Then we had the Mee Goreng Pasta (SGD$15.00) - that was an interesting fusion blend of mee goreng and pasta. It came with large prawns and more seafood on the site, looking really yummylicious. Well, while the sweetish flavor was delicious enough, we were a little disappointed that the dish was not more spicy. After all, it was mee goreng (spicy fried noodles).

Anyway, this is still a very lovely and affordable to return to, and we wouldn't mind hanging out at here again and trying the other dishes we had not yet managed to.

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