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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Tea Time at Happy Owl Cafe

18 Kim Keat Road, Singapore 328846
Tel: 6259 6385

Replacing the Three Wombats Cafe, this new casual cafe boosts of practical, no-fuss tables and seats. Opened by a group of foodies who enjoy hunting for supper, this cafe comprises of a menu that offers both Western food with some overlap on Vietnamese / Thai cuisine - comfort food.

Interestingly, Happy Owl Cafe opens till 5.00am in the morning, hence the "owl" theme was born.

We were here in between our after-dinner walks and sadly they did not have desserts, if not we might have tried some too. I started with an Artichoke Tea (SGD$2.95). The name was interesting but the tea itself was pretty bland - I chose not to add the honey on the side anyway.

The SIL had a Vietnamese Drip Coffee (SGD$2.95). I have tried Vietnamese drip coffee before - very bitter. This might  have been fine for the SIL who is an avid coffee drinker, but over here, they have a thick coat of sweetened milk at the bottom of the cup which turned the coffee into something too sweet for drinking. It would have been nice if the milk was served on the side instead.

One of the bosses saw the untouched coffee when he came over to serve us plain water, and hence became a short chitchat. To our surprise, he then brought over 2 cups of Cappuccinos for us, on the house. These frothy favorites tasted a lot better, and the kind gesture warmed our hearts on this drizzling evening.

Yes, we left tips, but that lovely gesture of friendly service alone was enough to convince me that we would be back for their food sometime soon.

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