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Friday, 2 January 2015

Tea at Divine Bar @ Parkview Square

600 North Bridge Road, Level 1, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778
Tel: 6396 4466

An art deco palace it is, with bold designs and a very spectacular interior, DIVINE Bar at Parkview Square, this place is akin to Gotham City with its majestic pillars and intricate decor.

All that glitter and glam gives this place a very divine, ethereal beauty as well as elegance that one must never miss. The art pieces, gilt ceilings, mantelpieces etc are all works of art in themselves.

What is also impressive is this 12 meters high wine tower, chilling and storing up to 3000 bottles of more than 200 of the world's finest wine vintages. From far, this tower looks merely like a piece of decorative art, but close up, one could see the bottles lying in this exquisite showcase.

At night (after 10.00pm, I was told), the Wine Waitresses who are decked out in silver angel costumes would dangle from wires in a small performance of wine retrival. It would be rather fascinating to watch, I am sure.

Unfortunately I was here mostly in the daytime, and today, for a business discussion, hence no drinks and angels for me. In this incredibly dazzling setting, the service is unfortunately slow, inefficient and lousy. We had to go up to the waitresses to give us menus and take our orders because all they did was hover together chatting.

Anyway, I had a hot Peach Tea (SGD$8.00). It was resplendent with the aroma of peaches and the tea was rich enough, but other than the pretty saucer and matching cup, there was nothing unique about the tea itself.

Nonetheless, I will definitely be back some night for drinks and to watch the angels in action.  In the meantime, here are some photos of the beautiful Parkview Square which houses Divine Bar, and a place of art and beauty in itself.

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