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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Movie Review: Saint Laurent (2014)

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A lengthy but detailed movie at 150 minutes long, depicting the life of (Yves) Saint Laurent, more commonly identified by his brand "YSL" in modern context. This French movie is a combination of drama, romance and biography featuring the famed life period of Saint Laurent from the period 1967 to 1976, and the cast includes Gaspard Ulliel, Jeremie Renier, Lea Seydoux, Louis Garrel and Aymeline Valade etc, all the major / significant characters in this film.

So, to cut a long story short, Saint Laurent (played by Ulliel) led a privileged life since young, a life of riches, beauty and youth, but he "was tired of it" and "did not want it anymore", a touching scene in which his mother reminded him of these lines he'd written.

After he was being fired by Christian Dior, Saint Laurent set up his own fashion house. There had been hiccups and moments his mind was blank, but he always managed to find inspirations and come up with spectacular designs - clothes that flatter women, be it dresses, coats or pantsuits. The brand grew as well as his company size.

His lover cum partner in business, Pierre Berge (played by Renier) was always on the lookout for him as a lover and for his career, negotiating his terms with the investors, upholding his brand and handling the media's concerns alongside his assistant Anne-Marie Munoz (played by Amira Casar). In the meantime, Saint Laurent was led into a life that alternated between delirium and delusion no thanks to his tumultous affair with the beautiful Jacques de Bascher (played by Garrel). Jacques, also the lover of Karl Lagerfeld, was into drugs, S&M parties with other gay members out there, and later died of AIDS eventually. Saint Laurent was in love with him, and this drove him and Pierre apart.

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Ex-Chanel model Betty Catroux (played by Valade) and Loulou de la Falaise (played by Seydoux) came into Saint Laurent's life as his trusted friends and designers / muses as well, playing vital parts to supporting his career, especially during his gradual failing health.

Be prepared to be sucked into a lavish world of high life, breathtaking haute couture fashion, some gay love scenes and in short, the life of the talented Saint Laurent as this movie drones on, through a roller coaster ride of emotions from his elation (as his fashion shows went well, and his involvement with Jacques) to sorrow as he slowly faded away with the events of his life.

If one was never into Yves Saint Laurent line of fashion, rest assured that after this movie, you would start paying attention to his clothes and accessories. The designer himself might have passed on, but his legend, and his attribution to women looking good, would continue to roam the fashion world...

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