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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dinner at Tim Ho Wan @ Aperia

12 Kallang Avenue #01-01 / 02 / 03 Aperia, Singapore 339511
Tel: 6684 2000

The first time I waited in line to try Tim Ho Wan (read review here), known for its Michelin Star standard dimsum, but we left slightly disappointed.

Tonight, The Beau and I decided to have a light dinner, and since we were in the vicinity - decided to pop by Tim Ho Wan @ Aperia for a try. This outlet is new, and opens 24 hours a day; closed on Mondays for maintenance. Other than that, same procedure of short queue followed by menu checklist in which you tick the items you would like to order.

The lights were very bright as other Tim Ho Wan outlets, open-concept in terms of sitting (we dislike the rows of tables joined together, dining side by side with strangers concept here).

Anyway, we started with the signature BBQ Baked Pork Buns (SGD$5.00) with the hallowed honey-sweetened diced pork within. We still loved the crispy bun crusts, all fluffy and light, melting deliciously in the mouths readily.

Next, we had the Yam Dumpling with Chilli Crab Meat (SGD$5.50) - crispy and flakey yam dumpling fried to a pale golden hue, filled with Singapore's favorite chilli crab in its wombs. The combined flavors and textures of the yam - crispy on the outside, but sweet with hints of stickiness on the inside, made for a good contrast with the chilli crab. The only complaint was that the "chilli crab" fillings was too sweet and not spicy enough.

We also had rhe Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin (SGD$5.00) - tender minced beef embraced in thin layers of beancurd skin. There was an indiscernible flavor to it that wasn't the aroma of orange peel (which it was supposed to be infused with), and I thought the beef balls were somewhat mushy. The Beau liked it though.

Then the Jade Wanton in Laksa Soup (SGD$5.00) was served. Now, this was more like it - I enjoyed this very much, with the thick laksa gravy, resplendent with traditional laksa taste. The soup was filled with succulent dumplings as well as dried beancurd (taupok) soaked deliciously in its gravy.

Finally, we concluded the dimsum dinner with desserts - Tonic Medlar with Osmanthus Cake (SGD$3.50), a jelly textured delicacy filled with goji berries and has a very lovely osmanthus fragrance to it; it was like eating smooth, chilled cubes of flowers.

The meal cost only SGD$32.96 for two, but we were full hence the light dinner choice. If one were to keep an open mind and give its dishes a try, without the expectation of its "Michelin star" influenced standards, then yes, some of the items here are indeed rather lovely , worth a try or two.

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