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Monday, 19 January 2015

Dinner at Sushi Airways @ Bugis

20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 189659
Tel: 6291 1151

So... after cruising the hip streets along Bugis area, and chilling out in the many cafes plus shopping in the exotic local-designers stores, I finally realised therein lies the hidden gem of Singapore's first air-craft theme restaurant, Sushi Airways.

One has to ascend a short flight of metal steps to the tiny restaurant on level 2, made to look like the steps of an aircraft. In fact, the themed restaurant is made to give diners a very real in-flight experience - from its seats to windows to "boarding pass" upon arriving to "flight manual" which is the menu, and the waitresses whose uniforms resemble flight hostesses' one as well.

We started with a Hot Green Tea each (SGD$3.00), and were seated by the window, offering us views of Baghdad Street from where we sat.  Service was quite good even though serving speed was a little on the slow side (and when we got there, we were one of the only two tables there ).

The food came, and we had our Premium Assorted Sushi Platter (SGD$58.00) -  consisting of a range of sushi with salmon, prawn, Toro (tuna belly), Uni (sea urchin), omelet, salmon roe etc. The seafood was fresh and the rice was cooked to the right texture - grainy but not hard nor mushy. We enjoyed these sushi very much.

Next, we had the Sashimi Moriawese (SGD$58.00) - comprising of 3 slices of 6 different types of seasonal fish. Here we had Salmon, Sword fish, Tuna, etc. The sashimi was very fresh, and we were pleaesd with the thickness of each slice - taut, crisp and bouncy in their freshness.

Then we shared the Lobster Mango Roll (SGD$30.00) , a long roll of goodness all swirled into one - omelet with sushi ginger, thick sliced cucumber, fresh mango, lobster salad and bonito flavored rice. The flavored rice had a gentle-but-distinctive fragrance to it, and the mango was sweet. The lobster was springy and sweet in its freshness, a delight for sure.

Finally, we tried the Kurobuta Katsu (SGD$16.00) - black pig pork cutlet - one of the recommendations as well. There is no doubt that the skin was very crispy on the outside, with luscious and tender black pig meat

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