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Friday, 30 January 2015

Dinner at Momiji @ Revenue House

55 Newton Road , #02-02 Revenue House, Singapore 307987
Tel: 6253 2469

*Celine texted me for dinner, and since it seemed both of us had the same cravings, decided to hit Momoji Japanese Buffet Restaurant for dinner. For me, it was purely because I have not been there before. The restaurant was simple in decor, with uniform rows of dining rooms by the side and uniform rows of tables in the main dining hall.

I took a mini tour of the place to see what their offerings were, and was surprised to find a rather extensive offering here - from seafood to sashimi to sushi to nabe items to fried stuff to noodles dishes to desserts. I had pegged Momiji as a lower-range Japanese buffet restaurant, hence had expected a more limited range of food varieties based on previous experience with other locations.

Anyway, it only cost us SGD$48.00 per pax, inclusive of free-flow Sapparo beer for the first hour! You would need to bring the empty bottle back to the station to exchange for another bottle; hence some people with ugly behaviour poured their beer into cups just so they could redeem more.

I started with Oysters, Salmon Sushi Roll, Hana Maki , Salmon Sashimi and Crayfish Cold Tofu.  The sashimi was rather fresh, and I loved the Salmon Sushi Roll that contained cheese as well. The oysters were delicious, especially the ones with the caviar sprinklings. 

Then we had Chawanmushi with seafood - I took the one with the roe. The egg custard was nothing to rave about, but the seafood bits was rather generous.

Next, there were the Mentaiko Scallops - soft and delectable, made more so with the creamy lusciousness of mentaiko. 

We also had a Black Pepper Beef Nabe (hotpot), with thin beef slices and a bed of vegetables all brewing atop the sizzling pot. The beef was succulent and the thick black pepper sauce was very aromatic, giving the beef a tasty spicy flavor.

I had some Sushi in Beancurd Skin, and tried some Tempura items (fried prawn, fish flank and gyoza). The sushi and sashimi were still nice, but the fried items were kind of tasteless.

Finally, we had to conclude and hit the Desserts section - this was the self made waffle (very crispy) with scoops of ice cream. There were many flavors there to choose from. 

The last indulgences were some fruits and cakes. The black grapes and strawberries (meant for fondue) were incredibly sweet, to my surprise, and I was really prepared to wince at the tartness of strawberries! The chocolate cake, blueberry tart, bread pudding , eclairs and strawberry mochi were rather nice as well, not too sweet.

Overall, we felt that this was truly value for money buffet. I seldom praise Japanese buffet meals , and had come in without any expectations. They surprised me with the wide array of food, quality of food as well as polite service.

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