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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dessert at Windowsill Cafe @ Lavender / Yearnings of Youth

So, it is after 9.00pm on a weekend evening, and I was finishing the final sips of my Chai Latte (SGD$5.00) here, doing a little people watching, idle chatting and what they term "chilling out", with the occasional glance at my mobile phone. 

In the past, whenever I chilled out at cafe, it would have been with groups of friends, where the bunch of us had plenty to gossip, discuss, boast and laugh about. Either that, or I would have the luxury of hitting cafes solo, armed with the mandatory notebook and pens to write, or a thick, good novel as loyal companions.

These days, most of them are married, care-taking kids, busy with careers or residing overseas now. 

Anyway, so, here we were, polishing up the crumbs of the delicious pies we had just consumed, and catching snippets of conversation from the next table - where a group of young (probably tertiary students?) patrons were happily chatting and chilling out as well. They were dressed in funky tees and sporting the current street-fashion, I reckon, emanating energy like the sun that would greet us tomorrow at dawn. 

Then they left the cafe, leaving the lone square wood table behind - probably heading somewhere else for drinks or home, where they would surf the web till the wee hours of the morning? 

The startling exactment of we used to be like, as well, even as we sat here preparing to make our exit and head back for an early night's rest. Oh, how I miss the days! How I miss the days of bountiful energy, the days when time had no meaning, the carefree days when we were young(er), when dreams were kept alive by the purest hopes.

Youth, when transcending thee, 
There was no fear, no fuss, 
No indication that thee would stop being there.

Youth, upon losing thee,
We dreamed dreams that opened the eyes,
To a world where we were free.

Youth, yes, unbridled from thee,
And thee became a distant memory -
A yearning hanging upon the wishing tree.

78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078
Tel: 9004 7827

The dinner venue this evening had been Windowsill Pies, known for its pies and tarts as the name itself states. I have long heard of their "pies" but had thought it to be the savoury types, i.e. chicken pies, shepherd's pies etc, hence had not visited before. Then we discovered they served soups and pasta as well, and had thought of giving it a try.

A pity that they were revamping their Savoury Food menu this week so we could only have desserts.

The interior is pretty, boosting a "in the woods" theme with its polished wood furniture + floor paneling as well as artificial trees standing tall within. It is an eye-catching cafe for sure, and sitting by the windows I noticed many passer-bys stopping by to check the cafe out and taking some photographs.   I could not resist taking a shot of this cute Smeg fridge.

Besides the warm, friendly service here, they also have a rather interesting Tea selection - with fresh leaves and exotic flavors such as Orchid Oolong, Aloe Vera Rooiboos etc (too bad we have already placed orders for coffee).

And here is their proud and interesting selection of pies with exotic flavors, some containing alcohol such as Banana Cognac, Coconut Lime Vodka, Apple and Rum etc. It was hard to choose so we took a while debating.

Finally, I ordered my Morello Cherry Pie (SGD$8.00) and The Beau chose a slice of Coconut Lime Vodka Pie (SGD$8.00).

The Morello Cherry Pie came with the pretty criss-cross lattice design, instantly standing out from the other pies. The Morello cherries were sour but balanced beautifully by the sweet filling. The crust was a lovely golden brown, and was thin, light and crunchy. Every bite was a delight.

The Coconut Lime Vodka Pie came with thin and crunchy pie crust as well, as well as satin-smooth lemon curd.  There was a slightly tarty flavor to the lemon curd, but not overwhelming. Within it are transparent vodka cubes - adding a bitterish but lovely touch to the pie. The pie was very delicious overall, but we were a little disappointed that the "coconut" was not a flavor within the pie itself, but presented itself merely as the dollop of coconut cream atop the tart. The vodka - if infused with the lemon curd, might have given it a more even flavor true to its name.

I had a Chai Latte (SGD$5.00) as abovementioned, while The Beau had an Iced Mocha (SGD$6.50). While my hot latte contained wisps of chai's aroma, the coffee itself was rather diluted. The Iced Mocha looked promising, but was bland in flavor as well, hence we deduced coffee ain't their forte here (most patrons had pots of tea on their tables instead).

Nonetheless, I have a feeling I would be back soon again, to try the other exotic-flavored pies.

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