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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Visit to Madam Tussaud's Museum @ Sentosa

40 Imbiah Road, Lookout Lookout, Sentosa, Singapore 099700
Tel: 6715 4000

You have probably been to the Madame Tussaud's museums in France itself, or at least the one in Hong Kong. Well, good news is that now we have our very own in Sentosa, Singapore!

Combined with Images of Singapore - which used to be the Waxworks Museum featuring the historical figures of Singapore, the museum now encompasses both a little bit of Singapore's historical characters as well as famous celebrities as one, so we get the best of both worlds.

What is even more unique is the BOAT RIDE that takes one on a journey on water - to view the interesting landmarks and important events of Singapore - starting from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to the Merlion, as well as Super Trees of MBS, to Formula One and some other cultural sites that are the markings of this little island named Singapore.

The "stream" is a short one, but the enriching. It showcases our country being a multi-cultural society. Pardon the slightly blurry images - the boat was moving and the place was dark, so we tried our best to capture some shots.

After the boat ride, we took a walk around the museum itself, to pose with or simply gawk at some famous persons we may or may never see in real life. First there were the well-known politicans, some familiar names would be Obama Barack, our very own Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and wife, the royal Queen Elizabeth, and none other than Gandhi himself "coming alive" in this museum.

Following these politicians are sports stars such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Yao Ming, Tiger Woods etc doing their famous athletic poses in another exhibition room.

Next, we have the familiar faces we often see in the news or on TV - such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Nicole Kidman etc.

Last but not least, the rather life-like wax sculptures of dead (but forever alive in our hearts) stars such as my favorite Marilyn Monroe, the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn, the talented Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson etc, in elegant settings that bring one back in time.

Finally, we have the mysterious and adorable alien, E.T. in disguise - with a beautiful full moon backdrop.

For those who prefer Chinese stars, fret not - in this museum are also Asian stars such as the late Teresa Teng, Zoe Tay, Jacky Chan, Andy Lau etc, as well as a couple of Bollywood stars. Besides these lovely wax statues on display, there is also a room for one to do Wax Hand Prints (you must be able to tolerate hot water and not have skin allergies).

Overall, a rather fascinating visit albeit the extremely small scale of this museum.

The fees are SGD$35.00 for adults, SGD$25.00 for children and SGD$30.00 for senior citizens. The opening hours are from 10.00am to 9.00pm daily, with the last admission at 7.30pm.

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