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Monday, 29 December 2014

[Media Invite] Dinner at Outback Steakhouse @ MIlenia Walk

9 Raffles Boulevard #01-114 Millenia Walk, Singapore 049596
Tel: 6837 3242

This is a media invite and my pleasure to dine again with the representatives of Hungrygowhere, Ivan, Sihan, Desmond and Li Tian.  The host of the night was Desmond, who has been with Outback Steakhouse for eighteen (18) years! He has been really hospitable and helpful with our requests, explaining each dish in detail and of course, ensuring we were very comfortable while tasting.

Located at Millemia Walk, and a favorite steakhouse around for more than a decade, we are once again brought back here as a reminder, and refresher of good steaks by Outback Steakhouse.

An authentic American steakhouse featuring comfortable big vinyl booth seats as well as a bar counter for patrons to enjoy a hearty meal and drinks - Outback Steakhouse practices strict quality control / standardisation of its branding and food across the globe. Hence, the sauce sauce and recipes are all from the HQ in the States, and all changes / improvisions to the menus have to be approved by the HQ as well.

We started with some appetisers, such as the Chicken Wings - tossed in spices and served with cool blue cheese dressing on the sides. The chicken wings are spicy and one may choose between mild, medium or hot levels. There are also celery sticks served together, and they go well with the very lovely blue cheese dip - even for someone who doesn't know how to appreciate blue cheese like myself, I found myself warming to this irresistable dip.

As for the chicken wings, they were tasty and crispy, but we thought they were more salty than spicy.

Next, there was the Bushman Bread - also otherwise nicked the "sweet brown honey molasses bread" - soft, but with a lovely touch of chewiness to it.

Nachos are just nachos, what am I saying right? Oh well, these crispy corn chips come with a plate of tantalising blue cheese dips - one could find chunks of blue cheese in them literally; and they are prepared for at least 3 hours so rest assured that the dip is definitely exploding with flavor.

Following that, we tried the Bloomin' Onion aka Onion Rings (SGD$14.50) and it is a huge portion, all stacked nicely with spicy dip atop. The onion rings are crumbly outside, thinly coated so that one could really taste the crunchiness of the fresh onions within. A couple of us thought that the onion rings (without even the dip) were a tad too salty.

The Chicken Cobb Salad was served next - a large platter of lettuce, chicken, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, Cheddar and Monterey Jack slices and bacon etc. It was delicious, a little like Caesar Salad with Chicken, and is served with blue cheese sauce on the side as well. The fresh greens were definitely very welcoming in this meaty feast tonight.

After that, we had the Alice Springs Chicken that was actually chicken breast that came in a thick armor of honey mustard, cheese, sauteed mushrooms and crispy bacon. The result was an explosion of flavors and textures but undeniably a piquant indulgence for the palate.

Finally, onto the red meats. We enjoyed the Ribeye Steak (SGD$37.90) which was well-marbled, juicy - it was also seasoned and seared in their 17-spices blend. We were served the Medium Rare steak and the Medium Well one, but opted for the former because it was more succulent. I did enjoy the fine texture and exotic flavor of this dish. The roasted garlic mashed potato on the side was scrumptious as well.

The other steak we had was the Prime Rib served with Corn on the Cob and Sweet Baked Potato (with honey butter and brown sugar). This was ordered in Medium Rare doneness as well, and it was very tender. I did the cutting of the meat for everyone, and the knife sliced through it rather easily. The luscious flavour was not too strong, and would be ideal paired with a glass of reds. Some of the others enjoyed the sweetcorn and the sweet potato as well.

We also had the Baby Back Ribs with were nearly succulent enough to fall off its rack literally - nearly. The flesh was juicy and I love the charred smokey hints amongst the saccharine deliciousness of the Outback homemade BBQ sauce it was varnished in. The fries were very crispy as well.

Enough of red meats - now moving on to something fresh from the seas, we tasted the Grilled Salmon (SGD$26.90) -  Chilean Salmon filet seasoned and seared to a succulent perfection - this lightweight but delectable dish easily won our hearts and became our favorite for the night.

Time for desserts, finally, and we were already feeling very full at this point in time.

Nonetheless, we dug in immediately when the Cinnamon Oblivion (SGD$13.90) was served. A beautiful concoction of old-fashioned vanilla ice-cream topped with homemade whipped cream, warm cinnamon apple cubes, cinnamon croutons, pecans and caramel sauce. This was a delightful dessert that was kind to the palate - not too sweet, and the cinnamon apple cubes were just simply refreshingly lovely.

Then we attacked the Banana Nut Cake (SGD$12.90) - a chewy, bouncy, sticky and porous cake beneath old-fashioned vanilla ice-cream, homemade whipped cream with banana, toffee and nuts. I loved the cake's texture, and the nuts added a touch of crunch to the palatable dessert.

Finally, the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (SGD$14.90) - a rich pecan brownie topped with old-fashioned vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and shavings and of course, their homemade whipped cream. The entire taste is rich and a very satisfying indulgence, especially for those who love a thick chocolately brownie - well, I do.

For drinks, I had a Mojito - tasty enough with a distinctive dash of rum, but would be better with a heavier dash of lime and mint in my humble opinion.

And lastly, the Watermelon Margarita - a refreshing flavor for a margarita. This softly sweet and cooling beverage was utterly lovely, especially after a hot and heavy meal of savoury dishes; one couldn't help drinking it all in huge slurps.

All in all, it was a great dining experience at Outback Steakout @ Millenia Walk -  thank you Outback Steakout and Donald.  And thank you once again, Hungrygowhere for organisating this, and the invite.

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