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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Yelp Singapore Elite Party: Finders' Keeper

Keepers Singapore is a pop-up store with no fixed location. They hold events, as well as showcase and retail local designers' creations in their sleek shopfront. The current location is at Orchard Green (junction of Orchard Road and Cairnhill), and it is nearly impossible to miss this stylish abode.

This evening, I was invited to attend Yelp Singapore's Elite Party, held at Keepers. I  RSVP-ed, and found myself at the door of this stark white makeshift building.

There were no familiar faces this evening save for Michelle M, the Community Manager who is always warm, friendly and chatty.

Ok, so the event was held at the outdoorsy area instead of in the shop itself. Upon registration, we were given stickers with our names on it, and a gift pack each. Everyone was cheery and amicable, so we mingled around with the others.

We started with the Daily Juice booth, where they were conducted fresh juice tasting. The guys conducting it were friendly, explaining each flavor and its benefits to us. There were so many different flavors (SGD$7.50 per bottle). One could drink it as a normal drink, or consume about 6 bottles a day as meal replacement / body cleansing.

We tried almost all the flavors - including Beetroot, Berries Banana, Ginger, Wheat Grass etc. Everything was fresh and tasty, and we were told no sugar was added at all. They do delivery as well, or one could self-collect at their office at Telok Kurau.

Then the next booth was Lime Deli (do not confuse with Lime Restaurant at Parkroyal Pickering) serving authenticand exotic Caribbean cuisine. The Curry Lamb was utterly sumptuous - extremely tender, which shocked us, and there was no trace of the lamb odor. The curry was good - fragrant with a suitable punch to the palate. The Jerk Chicken was succulent and smooth as well; the taste was better than teriyaki sauce IMO.

We proceeded inside to create our own cards - *Katherine and I are no artists, so we skipped this and roamed the shop to see if there was anything we could pick up.

There were many differnet types of merchandise for sale here - from unique clothings made of quality materials, to interesting accessories to food items.  Whether one intends to shop for the home or the body, there is something here for everyone, crafted by our own local designers.

Here are more accessories, home decor items and some perfume as well. The goods on display are, as said, unique, hence it was fun to shop here and examining everything. One could also be at ease that no one would own the same piece of merchandise as them...

Anyway, the mingling, shopping and photo-taking concluded the event, and we were off for dinner and drinks on our own.  This coaster and pack of playing cards (all bearing the Yelp brand of course) was in my gift pack. I heard there were luggage tags, etc in the green one, all branded Yelp too.

Thank you Yelp and Keepers, for this enjoyable and entertaining evening!

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