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Friday, 28 November 2014

Tea at Madame Patisserie @ Boat Quay

76 Boat Quay #01-76, Singapore 049864
Tel: 6536 7028
Website: http://www.madamepatisserie.com/pastry

Nestled against the river bank along Singapore River lies a rather new patisserie spot, with its distinctive logo resembling that of Antoinette's. But besides the Queen's head against Tiffany blues backdrop, and serving delectable pastries, I believe that's where the similarities end.

Complete with casual, lounging type of furniture as well as a pretty lawn-type alfresco seating area (offering views of the famous river), Madame Patisserie's is famous for its three-tier high tea set, which was one of the reasons that drew me forth.

The interior is narrow but sleek, with its polished wooden-tiled floors and matching, timeless countertops. Colorful butterflies and pretty cake boxes also form part of the decor in this quaint little cafe perfect for a day of chilling out. The service crew is rather attentive and polite as well.

Asked where the delectable, exotic flavored pastries came from, I have a sneaking suspicion that they are all baked freshly from the bakery that one could see through these glass doors. There were green tea red-bean cakes, Lychee Martinis etc all vying for attention and tempting the diners to select them, each equally mouth-watering.

My only misgiving was this section filled with toys here.... are they for decor or to entertain the kids with while mommies-dearest enjoy a high tea catch-up session with her fellow mommy friends? They looked a  little out of place in this setting seeking to emulate a sophisticated, vintage Queenly ambience.

Anyway I couldn't care less, we just ordered because we were ravenous and it was the first meal of the day for us (at 2.00pm on a Saturday afternoon!)

Charliez had a Strawberry Milkshake (SGD7.00)

And I had a pot of tea that came with the high tea set - Red Berries Tea (SGD$9.00 U.P.) - a steamy pot of fruits-fragrance tea.

We shared the famous 3-tiered High Tea set (SGD$33.00) - comprising of an assortment of savoury items as well as desserts. The items were simple but delicious without being too overwhelming, the flavors succint in their miniature forms.

There was also a palette of different flavored jam and butter for the scones.

On close up, this was our tray of goodies.

The top tier was the scones - fluffy and solid without being rock hard, in fact the perfect texture with powdery hints. They were not too sweet, so went well on their own or paired with one of the many jams served - raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, butter etc.

Next, there were the Cheese Egg Mayo pastries - a very homely recipe done right - simple but tasty on soft pastry.

Then the Smoked Salmon Baguette - lightly flavored by the pickle slice it came with. Smoked salmon rarely, if never, go wrong for me, as long as it is not un-fresh.

Next to it was the Smoked Chicken Sandwich - another delicacy masked by the rich flavor of cream

The Cucumber Sandwich next to it was also creamed with cheese, making it a delightfully sweet and crisply-fresh dish

The Raspberry Cheesecake was soft and moist, with the rich flavor of raspberry bursting forth in the mouth once chewed.

The Vanilla Dome was another soft and moist creation, complete with the richness of vanilla's overture

We loved the Nutella Tart - crusty and vivid in its velvety chocolate's smoothness.

Lastly, the Lemon and Blueberry Crumble - a soft reminiscant of a muffin with well-developed flavors of citrus and berries all in one

We also shared a Duck Confit (SGD$19.90) - confit of duck leg with mango, pineapple, potato, tomato and green salad alongside roast potatoes. The roast potatoes was delicious with a charred hint and cooked in a sweet-ish sauce. The bits of mango and pineapples added flavor to the savoury dish. The Duck Confit was another matter altogether - unlike the typical duck confit with crispy skin and tender meat within, this dish resembled the Chinese's smoked duck during Lunar New Year. The redness of the flesh made us wonder if it was undercooked or frozen for too long - though the texture was relatively succulent and the taste was subtle.

Overall, this was a rather lovely place for tea in the afternoons, with lovely views and great music. I enjoyed the High tea set but not the main for sure, but then again that's because I've only tried one main course so far.

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