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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Poetry: Samhain Sunset

Samhain sunset, casting halos over the treestops
It was the last day of October, so sinister;
Yet the rhythm was anything but dark, nor
Were there any hints of falling teardrops.

Halloween's holocaust, we were about to dance
To the beat of unearthly music, so alluring;
But the hall was a-spinning, swirling, twirling,
Before my ears grasped the first strains of Trance.

There were smoldering eyes all right, 
There was mystery burning the walls scarlet;
Darkness was but just the starlet,
In a roomful of dancers, drinkers, all night.

We swept the room with our footfalls,
And combed the hall with our reddening eyes;
Searching for but one, with power to melt ice
Your shadow was cast over all the walls.

All over the walls, yes, your presence,
Like the creatures we were trying to emulate;
But you never moved over, not to me,
Your voice so far, was silence itself in pulsate.

Then the night drew closer and all was lost,
In high spirits and ghouly disguise the music died;
Piercing me ever so softly, softly, tested and tried,
A brilliant performance with an exorbitant cost.
copyright (c) TheArcticStar 2014

Happy Samhain / Halloween to all, my beloved....

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