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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Review on Guerlain's Meteorites Perles Perfecting Primer

At the Guerlain's event at Orchard Tangs last week, I was busy making the acquaintance of Jose Luis Yuve, stealing some skills from him whilst we did the dramatic eyes up for me. I returned to the makeup booth to see two of my girlfriends glowing literally, and looking pleased to be basking in the beautiful transformation.

That was when *Charmaine eagerly urged me to try the Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer. Immediately I was skeptical, and told her that I was going to go and buy the minerals primer I had been using before. I already knew what I wanted to buy that night, and it didn't include this makeup primer for sure.

Anyway, eventually, I was still persuaded to give this darling a try. Why not? Since it was free to try anyway! It is a pearl elixir literally, filled with tiny sparkling pearls in a thick clear serum / liquid.

The consultant then spritzed a drop onto her hand and applied for me - over my makeup. She explained that this primer can be used before applying foundation and also after - to give a glowing effect. I could see immediately that my skin appeared smoother, softer and there was a dewy radiance to it, without the shine of oil. It was there and then I was sold, and decided to buy a bottle of this 30ml product at SGD$94.00.

It is really pretty, and I enjoy seeing the tiny pearls swirling around in the thick clear gel. Just press on the pump of the primer, and just a pearl drop size of this precious stuff would do. Apply over face - there is a soothing and cooling effect immediately. I might have imagined it - but I felt my skin tightening - not the drying kind, but like, becoming more firm?

The skin became more silky smooth, ready to accept foundation now. This was taken this morning right after I applied on a thin layer of foundation and loose powder - note the smoothness and velvety glow, giving linear illusion to the contours. My complexion was immediately brightened and shone with a healthy sheen that was almost like a facial halo! I love the Meteorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer!

Compare the difference in this photo, in which I was using other primers - skin was clear, but no glow. It was not luminous at all, and even looked somewhat dull close up.

With Guerlain's Meteorites Perles Primer, my makeup stayed intact for almost the entire day, and I continued to shine well wherever I went. Now I finally understand the full allure of Guerlain's signature pearls and sparkles.

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