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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lunch at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant Cafe is one of the chains of casual Hong Kong restauurants sprouting up in Singapore serving homely, tasty and affordable meals. I am sure that most of you are no stranger to their Gong Zai Mian (aka instant noodles cooked with ingredients), Chicken Cutlet with Rice, HK-styled French Toast and Papaya Milk Soup etc.

I too, have eaten at different branches of Xin Wang, many times.

Today I had the Shrimps Crispy Noodle (Shen Mian) at SGD$12.90h, and was glad to find that it held the very flavor of a good, traditional local Zi-Char style crispy noodle. The ingredients were aplenty - there were at least 4 juicy prawns leaping up from the noodle literaly as I flipped the noodle. The egg-starch gravy was thick mixed nicely, not too gooey. Best of all was the noodle - crispy to its name, till I infused part of it into the gravy.

* Leah had the Bamboo Rice with Chicken - it took them a while to prepare, but the chicken was tender and infused with the tasty soy sauce. The rice somehow tasted more fragrant cooked in this manner.

For drinks, I had the Iced Yuzu Drink; it seems lately I am absolutely mad about yuzu (pomelo), but I just adore the refreshy zesty -sweet combination of this fruit. The citrusy drink perked me up tremendously, and was perfect after my mains. Of course, the real yuzu sacs enhanced the overall texture and flavor greatly.

Well, with affordable, homestyled hearty dishes like these, coupled with large variety of drinks, I am not surprised if we return anytime soon.

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