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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lunch at Trattoria Gallo D'oro Italian Restaurant @ Central Mall

7 Magazine Road #01-03 Central Mall, Singapore 059570
Tel: 6438 8131

*Katherine and I were in the vicinity, and decided to grab something to eat. Unfortunately most of the eateries were packed, so we decided to settle for Italian fare at Trattoria Gallo D'oro. We both ordered the set lunch from the friendly wait staff, and starter of bread with olive oil was served to us while waiting for our food.

We started with a Pumpkin Soup (Zuppa) - it came in the form of an orange, translucent broth instead of the cream of pumpkin soup we were expecting at most Italian restaurants. It tasted sweet, and there were pumpkin bits; I had to douse mine with a lot of pepper.

I had the Pasta with Clams (Vongole) that was disappointingly bland. Usually vongoles come with a lovely white wine sauce or even if cooked in cream, there would be some taste to it. Unfortunatelyt for this, I just could not detect any flavor so I was chewing on the hard pasta and tasteless clams, adding lots of Tabasco sauce to it for flavor.

*Katherine had a Parma Ham Pasta and while this had more flavor to it, paired with rather succulent pieces of ham, she also thought that the pasta was a tad too hard.  It was kind of dry as well, without much gravy to it.

The last course was Hot Tea, which could not go wrong. It was comforting to have a cup of hot, sweet tea after lunch. The entire set lunch cost around SGD$22.00 each.

We did not enjoy our lunch here at all, and would not be back for more.

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