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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lunch at JBM Coffee & Dining @ One Raffles Place

1 Raffles Place #03-23 / 24 / 25 One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
Tel: 6536 1047

I was on the way to another eatery when I passed by JBM Coffee & Dining, and was instantly drawn by its very appealing, quasi-vintage and nearly seductive decor with that red and gold tones. I did not bother ascending further up the escalator - simply went in, and texted *Kalista to come here instead.

The service crew was very friendly as well, so I made myself comfortable in the pretty cafe / restaurant while browsing the menu and waiting for my friend to arrive.

Besides the gold and red tones of the open concept cafe / restaurant, they also adorn the wall with these glass coffee canisters. If that is not loud enough to send the message that they provide coffee, and "cream of the crop" coffee, oh well, I wonder what would.

Their lunch menu is rather limited sadly. They also have Set Lunches, but only limited to two mains for the selection (Pork Bolognese and Lamb Shank) so we gave the Sets a miss.

Anyway, while waiting for *Kalista to arrive (I was early), I indulged in my odd habit of having desserts first. It was a tough choice between the Tiramisu and Lemon Tart (oops, forgot to snap photos of the dessert shelf) - then one of the helpful crew recommended the former, so I took his advice.

And my oh my - Tiramisu (SGD$6.00) done just the way I love it. I always prefer tiramisu in cake form -there I had it. And the strong coffee flavor paired with just the right hint of alcohol was divine. The cake was soft, fluffy, ever so slightly creamy and moistened - not to the soggy extent, mind you.

And a hot, steaming cup of Cappuccino (SGD$5.00) - hmmmm actually I didn't know whether I liked it or  not. Strong, yes, it was. However, the sour aftertaste was rather distinctive as well. Anyway, I just enjoyed the foamy texture and finished it with my lovely Tiramisu cake.

For mains, *Kalista had the Aglio Olio with Mushrooms, Chilli and Garlic (SGD$13.00) - even though we did not detect any hints of red dots (ie.chilli padi) around the pasta itself, *Kalista assured me that the pasta was good overall, from first bite till nearly the final. I trust her judgment - and after all, mushrooms almost never fail to enhance the flavor of food it is cooked with, right?

As for me, I ordered the Beef Cubes (SGD$24.00) - I was a little disappointed with it came because it wasn't cubed at all - I was expecting tender beef cubes like those in beef stew (which incidentally, I was having craving for). Nonetheless, the beef in this case was light on flavor and succulent on its own account - easy to chew on even though the pieces were rather huge. The mash potato around it was precious - tasty and finely smooth.

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