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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Lunch at Fart Tartz Cafe @ Expo

1 Expo Drive #02-04 Singapore Expo, Singapore 486150
Tel: None provided

It just seems like all of a sudden, everyone's popping over to Fart Tartz Cafe and posting photographs of food there. So that day, after an appointment opposite, we decided to pop over to Singapore Expo check it out.

Well, it was not easy to locate the cafe, truth be told - and not providing a telephone number to call added on to the difficulty of getting directions.

It was an open space concept, with lots of pretty decorations and sweet little knick-knacks to brighten up the place. Service was warm and hospitable. Best of all - the array of hand crafted pastries and desserts was dazzling, from the flowerpot mudcakes to eclairs to flavored tiramisu.

The long, spacious cafe was pretty in its own way, exuding a sleek, clean cut and modernistic field. One could also overlook the entire Singapore Expo area sitting by the windows.

We ordered, and then grabbed a table while waiting for orders. The large Wooden Peg was our number tag - cute.

My Cappuccino (SGD$5.50) came first - a hot steaming cup of delicious coffee tinged with rather distinctive sour aftertaste.

Then the shared Oreo Nutella Mudcake (SGD$5.50) in the shape of a potted plant. It looked so real, so pretty...but we had to pull off the "plant" and start digging into the cold mousse. The thick layer of ground oreo ash was thick, rich and simply delicious. We were surprised it wasnt overly sweet. Paired with the creamy vanilla mousse which tasted like ice cream, this was perfection in itself.

The other place I recall having mudcake in a potted plant shape was Vanilla Bar & Cafe, read about it here.

Next, we tried the Lychee Tiramisu (SGD$6.80) - the moment we opened the lid of the dessert jar, we were greeted by the delightful sight of large lychee fruits staring back at us invitingly. While I was never a fan of tiramisu in a jar, this one blew me over - in flavor and texture - creamy, sandy, tasty, you name it. Oh, not to mention the luscious flavor of lychee and real lychee fruits enhancing the overall flavor, making it simply awesome.

Then the Chilled Angel Hair Pasta (SGD$11.90) was being served - in a glass jar as well, alongside a side salad. The salad was juicy and fresh, a healthy addition to the pasta. The pasta itself was nice, cooked with a sweet sauce, and topped to the brim with prawns, scallops and seaweed strips. The scallops and prawns were bouncy and gently flavored, so their natural sweetness shone through. Though the entire arrangement was pretty and delicious, it was hard to eat pasta in a jar due to the small opening.

Overall, the quality of food and desserts here is good - nothing too strong, but just lovely enough for the palate to appreciate; and the quiet ambience makes for a great hangout spot.

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