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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lunch at The Curry Culture @ Cuppage Terrace

31 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, Singapore 229457

It has been sometime since I had Indian food, so today was the day (decidedly), to try The Curry Culture amongst all the equally tantalising restaurants at Cuppage Terrace. Oh we,, one has to admit that the friendliness of the manager / staff here was one of the factors why we were caught through the net .

Pappadum was served the moment we sat down, and served with tomato sauce, chilli sauce and a yogurt dip. I love papadums.

And I love Mango Lassi (SGD$9.00) - mango blended with yogurt, a thick and sweet drink redolent of mango's aroma.

The buddy had a Freshlime Soda Ginger (SGD$9.00) - refreshing with its citrusy infusion, but the tiny slivers of ginger were spicy, to say the least. This drinks had us fired up (even though I just tried a sip) - and I was glad I stuck with my drink.

The Tandoori Platter to share (SGD$36.00) - beautifully grilled and generously served - comprising of chicken prepared in two different manners, prawns, fish, and mutton. The meat were all tasty and tender (save for the lamb, which was a little tough), infused with slight hints of smokiness adding to the flavors of spices and meat.

There was also the Malabar Fish Curry (SGD$19.00), from the tropical South - boneless fish curry prepared with coconut milk and a variety of spices. The curry had a slight tinge of sourness to it, and we remember the crew who recommended it might have mentioned yogurt being incorporated into it?

Anyway, the gravy was thick and tasty; the fish was indeed boneless and tender smooth. I liked it well enough, but would prefer my curry to be a tad more spicier.

A bowl of Plain Rice (SGD$6.00) was ordered as per recommendation as accompaniment for the heavily-flavored tandoori and supposedly spicy curry. The Basmati rice grains were long, and surprisingly loose - when we scooped it, the grains dropped onto the plate so smoothly, like sand.

A Plain Naan (SGD$4.00) was also on the recommendation, so we took it. The Naan was soft and had a grainy texture to it, which I like. It went well with everything, even eaten on its own because of the sweetness of its natural flavor.

It was a full but satisfying lunch, with good service and lovely exotic food.

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