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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lunch at Cedele Kitchen @ Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green #01-19 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Tel: 6734 0763

After the first visit to Owl Cafe @ The Star Vista, I am back here again.  I love the food at Cedele's, especially after the brunch at Cedele Bakery Cafe at HillV2, which was why it wasn't hard for *Katherine to convince me to have lunch at Cedele Kitchen.

The branch at The Star Vista is small, especially crowded during lunchtime.

We looked through the rows of delectable pastries and I wondered if I should buy something back for the office. They have lots of interesting bread and cakes and people were busy grabbing them for takeaways.

Then there were the cakes and tarts which made *Katherine wonder if we would have room for after our mains.  I spotted my favorite Blackforest cake!

These are the outdoor seats which we tried to acquiesce to, as inside seats were all taken up. However, the afternoon was hot and stuffy, and I was wearing a dress with long sleeves. It was not an option to dine outdoors in those kind of conditions.

Anyway, we got out indoor seat after a short wait, and placed our order. It had been a  little frustrating trying to get the girl at the counter to communicate effectively. But anyway, we got that minor inconvenience out of the way and the orders were secured.

*Katherine had her Caramel Sea Salt Milk Shake (SGD$6.80) - a lovely combination of savoury and sweet flavors, her favorite. The milk shake was thick but silky smooth, enriching the palate.

I had the Chai Masala Latte (SGD$5.00) after a mental battle between that and fresh juices and milk shakes and lassi. Yes, Cedele has a wide assortment of healthy beverages, each sounding more enticing than the next. The latte was lovely, resplendent with the spiced-up overture of chai masala blending well into my hot milky coffee.

For mains, *Katherine had the Prawn Chilli Lime Aglio Olio (SGD$17.50) -  with springy linguine pasta cooked into a deliciously tangly mixture of spicy -sour base. The prawns were juicy and fresh as well, hence a lovely bouncy texture against the more taut pasta. I have to reiterate - the citrusy touch of lime against the spicy flavored dish was really lovely, a refreshing bite.

I had the Prawns, Quinoa and Yuzu Salad (SGD$17.50) - a light, delicious and healthy dish comprising of yuzu dressing, fresh prawns, tomatoes, lettuce, croutons and peas and quinoa tossed with a refreshing citrusy yuzu dressing.  The ingredients were all fresh and sweet, perking up the senses.

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