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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sofitel SO Hotel AND L'heure du Thé Singapore 2014 - Hightea Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Foundation

Today, I attended the L'heure de The Singapore 2014 event- hosted by Le Style  - a French Hightea Fundraiser event for the Breast Cancer Foundation, held at Hotel Sofitel SO Singapore (35 Robinson Road) from 3.00 pm - 5.00pm.

The ticket price was SGD$100.00, and I honestly did not know what to expect since this was my first fundraiser hightea event. I thought I would just enjoy the hightea session, watch some performance and talks, and consider myself having done a good deed through the ticket donation.

The theme was French Parisian so I was decked out in my big-pearl black dress and black fur shawl. All the ladies there were well-dressed and friendly.

Anyway, we had to register ourselves upon arriving at the glamorous boutique hotel, and then someone ushered us to our assigned seats. I was seated with two lovely ladies *J and Joreis (I usually use pseudonyms but I have to accredit the latter for some photo credits later).

The place was decorated beautifully, and it was held at a French-themed hotel, so rather befitting I reckon. Each table came with the usual settings and a program card entailing the afternoon's program, as well as a Goodie Bag.  French music was playing in the background as well.

This is the Menu Card and we were served hot tea by TWG - black tea with honey, green tea with lavendar and white tea with something (I cannot recall) but I asked for the Green Tea with Lavender - fabulous flavor!  Oh, we were also served a glass of Champagne each - the one I was holding in photo above.

Then the High Tea set was being served - an assortment of savoury and sweet pastries - by the hotel's very own Xperience Restaurant & Bar.

The first tier consisted of Crab Yuzu & Apple in a small glass cup and Iberico & Aged Parmesan Tartlet.

The next tray contained Foie Gras Paris-Brest and the Smoked Salmon Aumoniere.

Then another tray which comprised of mini Macaroons - I took the right one with the green and brown macaroons.

Last but not least, some Raspberry Financiers and Chocolate Tartlets.

Finally, we had Creamy Berries. The service staff did come around with trays of refills. It was a gorgeous gourmet treat that stretched till the end of the event.

Over our meal, we listened to an introduction by emcee Karri Nicholas and then a short talk by Kerrie Hess, on Paris illustration.

Next, we enjoyed a short Ballet Performance from the soundtrack of Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain, La Valse d'Amelie. I just simply love the graceful beauty of ballet performances.

Following the ballet dance was a speech by Claire-Lise Dautry , the Executive Director of Alliance Francaise de Singapour (the French School at Newton).

There was also a chitchat and photograph session with Kerrie Hess at the end of the session, which I had a lovely chat with her about her innovative designs and had her sign on a poster for me. This is one very friendly and lovely lady!

We got two goodie bags - one from the event organisers comprising of beauty products, perfume capsules, discount voucher from Lauderee etc and another one from Luxola with a variety of beauty product samplers - merci beaucoup!

Besides the wonderful event cum hightea and newly-acquired friendship of the two ladies I was tea-ing with, we were also taken on a short guided tour of Hotel Sofitel SO itself, to see the various rooms and suites of this new boutique hotel situated right in the heart of the CBD district.

Unfortunately, my handphone battery died on me at this point, so below photos of the Hotel Tour are all courtesy of my beautiful new friend Ms Joreis Ong (follow her on Instagram at ojoreis).

This is the lovely doorknocker outside every white door of the hotel - logo of the hotel. Oh, by the way, many of the designs of the hotel are by Karl Lagerfeld the man himself - including the very comfortable bathrobes.

Some rooms, very luxurious looking beds and their super comfortable-looking bathrooms.  Every design and knickknack has a meaning to it, how deep!

Love the painting that gives the illusion of high ceiling and being in Europe when you wake up; and also love the cute clothes hanger in the shape of a hand.

And of course , who would not love a huge, well stocked bar as such?

Finally, the Rooftop Poolside Bar - the tiles are golden so at night it literally looks like a pool of champagne - how magnificent!

Overall, the entire afternoon was simply enriching and euphoric event  - thank you Le Style and Hotel Sofitel SO for the wonderful organisation + arrangement, as well as all the sponsors for the freebies!

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