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Monday, 3 November 2014

Fashion / Shopping - Fata Boutique @ International Plaza

10 Anson Road #02-76 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Tel: 6220 4847

I was looking to kill time before an appointment the other day, and hence was browsing the rows of boutiques and shops in International Plaza. Then I chanced upon Fata - a boutique that had some rather unique clothes on display. I thought of merely trying on the dresses (for fun!) and ended up with 7 purchases.

Fata is a small boutique and most of their clothes hail from Hong Kong and Korea, hence they have petite sizes I could definitely fit in. Plus, lots of their clothings are unique, and come in black. The service from Annie was impeccable too, she was helpful in recommending suitable dresses and very amicable. I have bought many dresses on a single shopping trip before - but never in one shop alone. Fata has set the record.

The first dress I tried on was the black chiffon cocktail dress with the sheath that I could sling over the shoulder - I got that. Then I tried on the black-and-white checkered cotton dress - I did not get this one because I thought it was a little too long for my liking. I also did not get the black-and-white cow-looking dress illustrated in the fourth photo - because I do not like pure cotton or wool fabrics (do not flatter my figure) and I thought I'd look like a cow wearing it.

Next, Annie handed me a black V-neck dress with short sleeves and Ferragamo-styled checkered skirt. I did not like the look of it on sight, but after trying it I decided to take it. She was right - some clothes, you just got to try them on for form.

Then a sleeveless black dress with a very-flare (but short, thankfully) skirt part patterned with white. I did not like this dress on sight as well, but after donning it, I wanted it.

Following the above was this lacey dark green dress with the cap sleeves - I had liked the black one on sight, but there was no small size left. So I tried on the green one for fit, and requested her to order the black one in for me.

Now, the electric blue piece with the gold details that was the display piece "pulling:" me to step into Fata to begin with - I liked it on sight and it fitted me well, hence I decided to make it mine.

Last but not least, a black dress with translucent shoulder portion - that I thought I would not take, because I had something similar. But I liked the fit, feel and flattering form so much that I said yes to it after trying.

Finally, another piece that had me falling in love by sight - a black half-sleeved dress with the daisy mock-necklace. It fit like a dream, and was a combination of my favorite colors - black and gold.

I had to ask Annie to stop taking dresses for me to try, if not I might end up buying up the entire store, lol. I really like the designs and fit of the clothes here, and would definitely be back. As for pricing, the usual is around SGD$108 to SGD$139.00, but there were some items on sale - SGD$58.00 a piece, or the SGD$70.00 for two variety. My 7 dresses came from an assortment - so in total I spent SGD$500.00 for 7 dresses - averaging to be a rather reasonable range per dress.

I will definitely be back to check out more new arrivals.

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