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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Drinks at P.S. Cafe @ Dempsey Hill

28B Harding Road, Singapore 249549
Tel: 9070 8782

Having been to PS Cafe at Paragon before and not impressed with their overall food items, I am back at P.S. Cafe at Dempsey Hill for chilling out ironically. Read my review on previous experience here.

The one thing I really have to give credit to is the decor of all their outlets - dim, intimate, mysterious and lovely. It always gives a relaxing and romantic vibe, no matter which outlet, at which time of the day, and with whom.

Tonight *Joseph the friend and I shared a Sticky Date Pudding (SGD$12.90) - the one food item I was finally impressed by. The vanilla ice-cream was a plus point, but the sweet and sticky dessert itself was delicious. It was sweet but not toothache-inducing, and the date (fig?) flavor was strongly distinctive, giving the pastry a very lovely taste. The lemon custard sauce added a twist to the flavor.

I also had Rose and Berries Sangria (SGD$18.00) - frozen seasonal berries, rose buds and lemon wedges infused in rose wine with a dash of lemon soda - making this an utterly refreshing and tantalising drink. I love the combination simply, and the sweetness of it all was very soothing, perfect ladies' kind of drinks.

To add on, this was the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake (SGD$14.90) from my visit to PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance with *Sidney a couple of months back. He strongly recommended it, but I thought it was too sweet for my liking. The texture of the cake was in-your-face sticky and too wet; the richness of the chocolate was overwhelming, so much that even the scoop of vanilla and my Cappuccino (SGD$5.00) could not neutralise it. Both of us shared this, and left about half untouched.

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