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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dinner at The Roti Prata House @ Thomson Road

246M Thomson Road, Singapore 574370
Tel: 6459 5260

I used to visit here more often when the bestie *Feith was still here in Singapore, because she stayed nearby. Anyway, they serve good prata (a wide variety of them!), as well as other traditional Southern Indian dishes, and are opened 24 hours a day.

So, here we were again, for some cheap and good Indian food, since we were in the vicinity after a seminar.

We started with a Plain (original) Prata (SGD$0.90) that came with a small plate of curry. Then we also shared a Mushroom Cheese Prata - a thick prata made with slices of button mushroom and plenty of cheese. It was very tasty at first few bites - with and without infusion of curry, but gradually it got colder and the mess of cheese became rather unappetising.

We also had a Banana Prata - a sweet, lovely dessert with real banana slices amongst the crepe-like skin of the roti prata. I enjoyed this - would have been perfect with some hot fudge or chocolate sauce!

We also had a plate of Maggi Goreng (fried maggi noodle) with some vegetables and eggs. I enjoy maggi goreng usually because the way these Indian restaurants fried it, the texture was springy and flavor was awesome; hence I got hooked. The last time I had this dish here (about 2-3 years back), I had thought it fantastic, as had The Beau and friends with us then.

Tonight, however, the noodle was soggy and limp, and the maggi goreng itself was sweet as though it had been fried in tomato sauce only. It was very disappointing.

We both also had Lime Juice - something citrusy to cleanse the palate and balance the heavy flavors of our meal.

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