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Friday, 28 November 2014

Dinner at Dojo Fusion @ Circular Road

72 Circular Road, Singapore 049426
Tel: None supplied
Website: http://dojo.sg

For fans of unconventional burgers, look no further - Dojo Fusion is a new kid on the pork serving everything pork, from snacks to mains. It is also an interesting blend of Japanese and American cuisine, encompassing exotic flavors with conventional concepts.

I brought The Beau there after catching wind of this eatery, since he loves pork and pork burgers (you get them easily in overseas McDonalds but not here). The service crew was warm and hospitable, right from the moment we entered all the way till we said goodbye.

I ordered a side of Pork Nuggets (SGD$5.00) to share, since I was not hungry. I had expected oval-rectangular pieces of flour-mix-pork, like how "nuggets" are typically derived to be. However, this was an interesting surprise of pure pork meat - deep fried akin cutlet style. It was crispy, tasty, and threefold enhanced if one chose to dip into the honey chilli provided together with the pork nuggets.

Then I ordered a Kong Bak Bun (SGD$6.00, also known as Komba Bao here) - fried buns encompassing layered pork meat. Usually, the three layers comprised of fats as well, which this one followed tradition, however they added lettuce for a refreshing touch. The pork was succulent and well-marinated, plus the sweet, crispy fried bun - oh well, this was definitely a palate pleaser.

The Beau decided to go for a Little Dragon Burger (SGD$12.00) - grilled pork steak, lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheese. The bun alone was a keeper - crunchy in its toasted golden texture, and the pork was tender as promised, as well as juicy. It was delicious and extremely satisfying, with the different flavors and textures of various ingredients coming together.

We also topped up SGD$2.00 to upgrade the fries to Chilli Cheese Fries - soft, chewy chinks of mashed pork in a rather sweet gravy enhanced by the cheese, but this was a little disappointing. Perhaps we were comparing it to another eatery's chilli cheese fries.

Nonetheless, the food here is definitely nice even though it is inexpensive and it is actually one of the few small restaurants with a punch. We would be back for sure.

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