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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Chilling out at The Flower Shop Cafe & Bar @ Lau Pa Sat

18 Raffles Quay #01-42, Lau Pa Sat, Singapore 048582
Tel: 6334 0603

*Celine and I were merely passing by this quaint little cafe when we couldn't resist its prettiness and decided to chill for a bit. There was nothing much on the menu, save for some canapes, macaroons, ice-cream and drinks - but what was special was that everything was infused with flowery flavors.

Needless to say, the very presence of a little cafe bar here amongst Lau Pa Sat's marketplace was already an amazing discovery... all right, so I haven't been back here since its renovation months back.

So, a short introduction - this is a florist actually. Well it still is- note the florist shop adjacent to it? Yes, the entire deco of this shop is flowery, fairytale-like, from the ceilings to the table cloths. so we were all under the flower power literally. There were also many bouquets of flowers around the shop, beautifying the place further against its faux white brick walls.

They had really lovely desserts - huge macaroons, soya bean, little tartlets and canapes etc. We'd actually just had lunch, and were heading for cockles, hence we decided to have drinks only.

I chose a Rose Mojito (SGD$14.90) - a light red shade, rose-infused. The Mojito was sweet, but I couldnt detect the rose flavor. No, I couldn't even detect the usual minty Mojito overture. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing drink for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

*Celine had a Hot Tea (SGD$3.90) 0 I cannot recall which flavor, but nonetheless, the teacup and saucer were exquisitely pretty in flowery themes as well. She enjoyed the tea redolent with flowery fragrance.

Then we shared a set of Macaroons (SGD$13.90 for a set of 3) - Sakura flavor, Lavender flavor and Hibiscus flavor. The sakura one was sweet but there was no "wow, aromatic!" factor. The lavender one was fantastically redolent with lavender's unique flavor and we both agreed this was the best of the three we tried. The hibiscus one was mildly fragrant in its flavor.

But overall, their macaroons were really good - not too sweet, hints of flower taste in cream and biscuits. The biscuits were just the right texture - not too hard or soft, but the teeth sinks in easily into the crunchy surface, and the rest melts in the mouth.

Even their tiny utensils were so pretty - floral patterned.

Besides flowers and food, they sell these tiny little cards as well - perhaps for insertion into gifts or bouquets?
Anyway, I will definitely be back for their macaroons - we were informed that they are coming up with Christmas Macaroons soon (in shapes of reindeers, xmas tree etc), so do go check them out.

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