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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lunch at Rokeby Bistro Cafe

15-9 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
Tel: 9106 0437
Website: http://www.rokeby.com.sg

It was time for lunch with *Sidney again, and we discovered this neat Australian bistro cafe named Rokeby by chance (the one we'd initially came for was not opened yet).

So we succumbed to the warm hospitality and serene ambience of this laid-back cafe set in an austerely pretty area near Serangoon. The dim and polished interior made it perfect as a cafe by daya and bar by night. Everything looked good on the menu so we didn't know what to order for a while.

I started with a Soy Mocha (SGD$6.70) - the coffee was nutty, with hints of creaminess. The soy milk in this case didn't rise above the flavor of the chocolately coffee to bring out a fragrance of its own, like the soy mocha I had at Black Coffee , Loysels Toys Cafe and Forty Hands Cafe. It tasted more like a good cup of strong-flavored Mocha with a slight dash of milk - the bear art on my beverage was very adorable though.

*Sidney had his usual Skinny Latte (SGD$5.50)- a rich blend of milk, coffee and froth.

For mains, I ordered the Braised Ox Cheek Stew (SGD$20.90), being in the mood for beef cheeks, just nice. The beef cheek was stewed to a soft tenderness, retaining its bouncy texture against the rich juicy broth it was cast in. As it quivered in my mouth, I savoured the delicacy with satisfaction, and even pouring spoonfuls of the sauce over my otherwise-bland mashed potato.

*Sidney happened to choose another item that I was debating between - the Rokeby Chilli Mussels (SGD19.90) - it was awesome that they had different levels of spiciness for us to choose from, so we chose the mild (being a weekday and we had to continue working, so couldn't risk stomach upsets). The musels were pliable in its chewyness, the natural sweetness of mussels succint amongst the spicy coat of the broth. It was definitely a good choice - with or without the crispy toast slices it was served with.

We were glad we discovered this lovely place with its interesting menu.

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