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Friday, 24 October 2014

Lunch at Jimmy Monkey Cafe @ One-North

9 One-North Gateway, Singapore 138643
Tel: 6777 8470

After an appointment in the West,  the same colleague who went The LoKal with me were generating ideas on what to have for lunch. Then he suggested this place that I've also heard of before - Jimmy Monkeys Cafe, right smack in the heart of a condominium estate.

A lovely little Australian cafe with "raw and deconstructed elegance", this cafe is constantly filled up with people enjoying its lovely coffee and food as well as chilling out over drinks. We were fortunate to snag a table. I do like the very "chill" and relaxed ambience, and the cafe was surprisingly quiet despite the crowd (who were also chattering away over meals).

I checked out the array of cakes and pastries on display but nothing caught my eye. It was lunchtime anyway, and the start of my severe "cut-down-on-food" regime, hence I decided to do without desserts.

A peek at the menu as I alternated between the Muffins or Muesli set.

I started off with a Cuppucino (SGD$5.50) served in its signature blue cup. Not bad, the coffee held slight hints of fruits, if my detection skills served me well. What would have made it more perfect would be some cocoa powder sprinkled atop the foam.

The colleague had a Latte (SGD$5.50) served in the same blue cup. He likes the coffee here apparently that was why he suggested to come here for lunch. The coffee here is brewed using the Slayer machine by experienced baristas anyway.

For mains, the colleague had the JM's Breakfast Sandwich (SGD$16.00) - with rocket salad, bacon, egg, roma tomato, avocado and kay's relish. It was a very hearty breakfast that was surprisingly not greasy, and tasted good - comfort food at its best.

I succumbed and selected the JM Breaky Muffin (SGD$14.00) - sunny eggs, leg ham, Hollandaise sauce, roma tomato and rocket salad. The muffins were exactly the way I like it - sandy textured, slightly sweet and not too soft. The combination with the eggs, ham and tomato made a simple home-styled meal awesome. The potato salad on the side was commendable as well - tender potato chunks with egg mayo dressing.

All in all I enjoyed the dining experience at this secluded and serene area, and the food was very satisfying. Never mind the inaccessibility - one wouldnt want their new favorite haunts to be over-crowded with too many people.

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