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Monday, 6 October 2014

Dinner at Wine Connection Bistro @ HillV2 Mall

4 Hillview Rise #02-05 / 06, Hill V2, Singapore 667979
Tel: 6710 7138

I returned to HillV2 again in the evening, this time with The Beau, for dinner, since he resides nearby. I wanted to have dinner at Wine Connection Bistro because the menu looked good, and I felt like some wine.

There was a queue when we were there - not because it was that crowded inside really (because I did walk in to survey). The service was very slow and inefficient - clearing tables took ages, and there were many empty tables strewn around.

I liked the dim, intimate and chillax ambience anyway, so I had no qualms with waiting a while to be seated.  There were those wine barrels serving as tabletops for those who are just looking to chill over some wine.

We were seated inside, where the dim lightings cast soft shadowy glows around us and creating a mysterious, romantic setting. There were different crowds from family, friends to couples - I wondered where they came from since this new mall is so secluded and novel. I was glad I got to be here before the condo units above TOP, if not plus the residents, the place would  be impossible to enter.

At a wine-themed restaurant, of course I must start with a glass of wine. I decided to select the Cabernet Sauvignon (SGD$9.00) - sweet, smooth and soothing to a tired soul. I had two glasses of it.

For mains, The Beau had the Pork Schnitzel (SGD$20.00) - thinly pounded breaded pork cutlets fried till golden brown, served with potato wedges and fresh greens on the side - oh and dill sauce as well. I rather liked the thin strips of pork, lean in capacity and slightly crispy because of its breaded coating. The wedges were delicious as well - crispy and fresh. The Beau thought that the pork slices were too thin and not crispy enough though.

I had the Pesto Pasta (SGD$11.00) - pesto sauce cooked with thick spaghetti strands tossed with thin Mozarella slices. The noodles were rather springy but there wasn't much to it except for the cheese flakes, hence I had to pair it with some pork schnitzel and plenty of chilli flakes / Tobasco sauce. I do like the tiny portion though, just nice for someone like me trying to cut back on carbs.

Finally, the dessert for sharing - Apple Crumble (SGD$6.00)  - a shallow dish of crumbs (oat? ) with raisins and apple slices, served with a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I liked the overall flavor but usually prefer my apple crumbles to be more pastry-like than crumbly / debris-like. The Beau thought it was a tad too sweet.

Overall, the dining experience here was good save for the slow service. The food are in good portions, very affordable and the ambience is lovely. Taking it as a wine-themed restaurant hence a chillout venue, this is a good place to be, especially after work on weekdays I reckon.


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